Play Tepee

I finished M’s tepee! It’s for her birthday, though, so now it’s sitting in the closet for the next two months and a bit. I’d like to make a coordinating cushion to go inside, along with a small length of bunting to decorate the outside, so my work isn’t done yet. It’s hard to wait to give it to her, though! She likes playing in her Pack ‘n’ Play as long as I put a muslin blanket over the top, to make it feel like a little cave — so I think she’s going to have fun with her tepee.

I used this tutorial, although I did a few small things differently. I made the opening by cutting two separate pieces for the front panel and then seaming them together. Then I could fold and press the edges and hem them under, which gave a nice finish along the entire length without having to fuss with bias tape. I’d also recommend not wrapping the rope around the dowels until you have the fabric on them and you’ve got the tepee all set up. You won’t know exactly how wide the dowels have to be splayed out until you’ve got the fabric on, and the rope will make it hard to adjust them. (If you look at step one of that tutorial, you’ll see how the dowels are held together by threading the rope through drilled holes, but the wrapping it mostly just decorative.

I’m having mixed feelings about whether to attempt a party for M’s birthday. First birthday parties are definitely NOT for the child, but I do think it would be fun to celebrate her awesomeness with other people (no official party will probably mean just my parents and I to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her). It’s hard to expect people to drive all the way out here, though, especially for something like a first birthday party. What do you think? Did you throw parties for your kids before they were old enough to understand them? I feel like it would be mainly for the photos and, like I said, to celebrate what a cool little girl M is.

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  1. mo says:

    I know first birthdays aren’t really for the baby, but it is a fun excuse to get together (have cake) with friends and family, especially before it gets too cold on the tundra! (ps cake). I don’t think it always needs to be a huge deal but it can still be fun.

    That being said, I had chicken pox on my first birthday and my photos were especially miserable looking! (even with cake!)

  2. Ann says:

    I WOULD COME TO A FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY. I mean, if I were invited. (also cake)

    It could celebrate not only M’s birthday, but also your first year of being an awesome momma.

  3. Aarthi says:

    You are so so creative Anna

  4. Shannon says:

    Love the tepee!

    And I think a first birthday party is a MUST. It’s not for her – it’s for you. (And the cake.)

    (I tried the side tie with the carrier today – magic! Thanks for the suggestion!) (And now I want cake.)

  5. Lora says:

    We did a first Birthday party, but his second was just immediate family since he still didn’t really know what was going on. I thing first Birthdays are important. It is a big milestone!!

    Also, love the Tipi!

  6. Kathryn A. Wilson says:

    Anna, historically (you know my context!), the first birthday is super important because the child has made it through a critical year. Beyond that fact, it’s a great time for celebration–messy cake of sorts for darling M, smiles and hugs and love all around. Go for a general party, and enjoy it YOURSELF!! Lots of pictures are in order, of course, but a relaxed atmosphere is desired. Blessings, baby M!!

  7. Asmita says:

    Beautiful Anna. Must be exciting with the first birthday coming up soon!

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