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Remember when I used to get really excited about food and cooking? Probably not, because it was so long ago. Blah. I’ve said a few times that I really have to make a better effort now that M is eating solid food (in theory — she doesn’t eat much, quantity-wise, although she’s quite open to trying everything). I’ve just felt so unimaginative when meal times roll around, so I made a meal plan for this week. Nothing to live and die by, but I do find that I stick to the meals more often than not (especially since I can shop for them in advance instead of realizing I’m missing several key ingredients). It also helps that M has been quite a little buddy lately, crawling around on the kitchen floor and happily going through the contents of the recycling cupboard while I cook.

I had looked at some of the free recipes on the Cook Smarts site — you can switch to a vegetarian version on most (all?) of the recipes, but it’s still not a meal-planning service I’d ever use regularly. I thought their tofu ‘fish’ tacos sounded interesting, though, so I gave them a shot. Not so great. The slaw seemed off (too much oil, not enough vinegar, hardly any flavor, overall), and this was a time when simply subbing in tofu for a meat (fish) didn’t quite work — again, not enough flavor. But the sprouted corn tortillas I found at the co-op were great, and sour cream, salsa, and cilantro go a long way toward making anything delicious.

I also made one of my favorites: Krunchy Kale Salad. I don’t know what it is about that combination — roasted veggies, crispy kale, chickpeas, and a balsamic reduction — but it’s just perfect. And once everything is chopped up, it’s easy to prepare a second time. What sorts of meals are you really loving right now?

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  1. laurie says:

    thats sounds good, its salad days here as well and we are eating quite a lot of corn, its not ready locally but there are beautiful cobs from southern ontario coming into the store, I ‘m making corn chowder today for the first time, Garry said he thinks I could pick a cooler day to make it, lol, but a friend made it on her blog, the fresh corn in it sounds yummy! I love to hear that M is playing in th kitchen , gosh it seems like yesterday she was just born!

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