We’re currently in a lull between Minnesota plagues (the flies seem to be gone, and the grasshoppers are still only tiny), so we were able to enjoy some outside time yesterday evening. The mosquitoes have been so bad this year that we really haven’t been able to be out much in the yard — very disappointing. I only saw one yesterday, though; unfortunately, it had landed right on the end of M’s nose, so now she has a little red dot there. M had a nice time sitting on a blanket (not very interested in crawling on that grass), watching Nova chase sticks. Henny made sure everything had been sniffed. I saw the tiniest green frog, but he wouldn’t hold still long enough for a photo.

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  1. laurie says:

    a pony tail!!!! next summer you will be running after M, she won’t be content to sit on the quilt then, lol, beautiful photos,

    • Anna says:

      Yes! She’s at a nice stage right now, where she can crawl to something interesting to keep herself occupied, but she can’t crawl fast or far enough to get into (much) trouble. I doubt that will last long! Her piggie was kind of funky yesterday — wound up more at the front of her head. I think she pulls it off, though.

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