Geranium Dress

Another new dress for M! I love how quick and easy it is to sew such small clothes. I had gone off sewing clothes for M when I realized that the knit-fabric items I’d made for her held up less well than store-bought clothes. Not the stitching, but the fabric itself — it got more pilly and worn looking after a few washes, and baby clothes get washed a lot. But regular woven fabric seems to hold up better for me. I’ve got a lot of fabric in my stash that I’ve been using up, too! This time around, I bought Rae’s Geranium dress pattern and tried it out. I made it with the faux-cap sleeves and pleats in the skirt. I like it!

I used a light-weight corduroy from Liberty (years old, now) and made it in the 12-18mos size, so it’ll fit in winter. That didn’t stop me from trying it on M right now, though! She’s usually game for some goofing around. It’s big, of course, but I can see that it’ll fit nicely in a few months.

My small changes to the pattern/instructions were to top-stitch around the collar and arm holes (I’ve noticed some patterns call for this, some not, but I think it keeps things lying nice and flat) and to take 2.25″ off the length of the skirt. I just don’t like really long skirts on dresses, and M will be wearing it with leggings in the winter, anyway. The instructions say to finish the skirt seams as you like, so I actually did French seams, which means there are no raw edges inside the dress. That’s particularly great because the corduroy was fray-crazy!

I’m not in love with this fabric, color-wise, but it’s not too bad. It was great to work with, at least, holding creases well when I ironed it, and the pleats came out wonderfully. Like I mentioned, I’ve been using fabric from my existing stash, but I’ve actually ordered a couple of new (to me) prints from Crafty Planet to make more iterations of this pattern. They’re pretty different from this fabric!

Here’s M in her too-big dress, along with her too-big new cardigan. I bought it on sale from Nordstrom, in a moment of I-could-make-this-but-will-I-really?-ness. You can still get it here. The hood is so pointy and cute. And now that I’m thinking about winter clothes for M, I’m tempted to make this cardigan for her — I’ve got yarn already that would be perfect. I have to finish my own sweater, first, though. It’s my new rule. But before I go back to working on that, I have to finish painting the kitchen cabinets. At least I got all the white (upper) doors painted and hung back up — just have to do the grey lower doors, now!

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8 Responses to Geranium Dress

  1. laurie says:

    Oh Anna I agree, sewing little one’s clothing is so much fun, its like making doll clothes, small projects very satisfying because little time commitment! I sewed lots and lots for my little ones and now I try to still sew for our Gracie, M looks adorable in her dress and she obviously loves dressing up!! I ‘m anxious to see your blues sweater finished, I loved the length of it,

    • Anna says:

      And I love that, since the clothes are so little and go together so quickly, I can take the time to finish seams and things really nicely. M’s handmade clothes are much nicer than ones I’ve made for myself in the past!

  2. Anne Bennett says:

    Hi Anna and M. The dress looks lovely on M and it will be wonderful with leggings in the winter. I made a lot of things for my sons when they were little and loved seeing them wearing the items. I found that the jumpers and jackets I knitted were worn by both of them and still looked good when passed on to another little boy. I love M’s haircut, it suits her so well and looks really funky.

    • Anna says:

      Thanks! It’s funny that you mention M’s hair — I got it up into a tiny pigtail for the first time today. I haven’t cut it (except to trim off her baby mullet when it got scraggly in back), and it’s really long on the top and has a definite part on the left. A nurse once thought I had cut her bangs asymmetrically, but it’s just because all the long stuff gets swept to the side. She’s naturally stylish!

  3. Abby says:

    Fancy finding you (and your blog) here! I didn’t realize you had a blog!

    Your photos are gorgeous! I’m so envious. And I’m so awed by all your DIY projects. The clothing but also that beautiful bathroom — wow!

    • Anna says:

      Yep, here I am! I can’t claim much credit for the work in the bathroom — I told the guys what I wanted, and they did all the heavy lifting (and cutting and tiling, etc). But thank you for all the rest!

  4. Katie says:

    M is so cute, as are the clothes you make for her. Love the sweater, too. I’m due in November and I just bought it in a 12m – my first baby clothes purchase! Hopefully it fits sometime next fall!

    • Anna says:

      Wow, it’s going to be November before you know it! It’s so fun to tuck away those too-big clothes, knowing they’ll fit soon. I can’t believe M will be wearing 12mos clothes in just a couple of months! (Well, she already wears a lot of the 12mos size, but you know what I mean.)

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