Knitted Dolly

Hey, I did another crafty thing (in addition to M’s dress) recently: I made her a little doll using this pattern. I think the colors used in the Etsy photos are cuter than mine (she looks more like a matryoshka than a baby), but I wanted to use what I had on hand, and I also wanted to use wool instead of acrylic. It’s a really simple, fun, and quick pattern — although it says to use worsted weight yarn, which I think is the same as aran, and I used DK. The recommended needles seem like they would pair with DK, and the doll I made came out to the proper size, so maybe ‘worsted’ is an error.

M has a lot of stuffed animals but didn’t have any babies before now. She’s unimpressed. Don’t be fooled by that last photo — she was just grabbing the book. She’s still too little to understand that it’s a ‘baby’, but hopefully she’ll like it when she’s a bit older. I’ve also bought this pattern to sew for her for Christmas. It’s exactly what I was looking for — a soft baby doll that fits into real newborn clothing. I was always disappointed when I was kid that dolls had to wear tiny, fake clothes!

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  1. Ann says:

    So wonderful! I remember loving dolls with clothes and accessories and furniture. You can build whole little worlds around them!

  2. laurie says:

    I remember knitting a doll similar to the little cutie you made, a few years back, I found the pattern in a british magazine, Woman’s Weekly, they always had great knitting patterns, they are a lovely soft toy to take in the car or crib, the one you have planned for Christmas is adorable, I would like to make one for our Grand daughter! I just finished sewing an owl and a scrappy cat for our Grand daughter, scrappy because it was made from scraps, I enjoy making toys so much and have always done so, I just know M will love them all,

  3. Asmita says:

    What a adorable dolly that is, and you are super talented! Does he/she have a name?

    • Anna says:

      No name yet — I’ll leave that up to M when she’s old enough. I tend to give things really obvious names, which is why her favorite toy is called ‘Kitty Cat Doll’.

  4. Kathryn A. Wilson says:

    Don’t be fooled-little ones look at faces– eyes, mouth. Your darling will connect with the humanity of it. Oh, Anna, I cannot tell you how smitten I am with your sweet “M”. She is absolutely adorable, and I would love to meet her!

  5. Lora says:

    I found William a cabbage patch doll at a garage sale. It has been difficult to find boy cabbage patch dolls but I lucked out and the hair color is even close enough. :) Anyway he loves carrying around and hugging and kissing his baby.

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