Oliver + S Dress

After seeing the wonderful clothes that Asmita makes for her beautiful daughter, I was reminded that I had a dress pattern I’d been meaning to try. A few years ago, I found this Oliver + S pattern for seventy-five cents at the Hinckley thrift store (they used to have an amazing sewing/crafts section, which has gone downhill over the past couple of years). I hadn’t even looked at the instructions until yesterday, which is when I discovered that the pieces I needed had already been cut out in the size I needed — and fused to interfacing for durability. Wow! That’s hitting the pattern jackpot.

The pattern is nice and goes together really easily/quickly, but I don’t actually like the finished dress. It looks cute on the hanger and when M is sitting down, but you can sort of see here that it’s narrow through the torso and then flares out. Or if you go to the Oliver + S pattern page I linked to, the sample on the dress form shows it really well. The bodice would be so cute with a more A-line skirt. There’s also the issue that it’s a 6-12mos size but is huge on very-average-sized, eight-month-old M. Maybe when she’s a year old and taller, it’ll look better.

Another option would be to take about 4-5″ off the bottom of the skirt, which would get rid of most of the flare and make it a better length (it’s very long!), although it would still be loose up top. We’ll see. I like the fabrics I used — a white linen on top and a Cath Kidston print I’ve had since my London days. It would be a shame to waste those. It was fun to sew, anyway, and the pattern also has a playsuit that uses the same bodice — that might be cuter!

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  1. laurie says:

    I came back to comment on the previous post and found you had posted again,bonus! You finished the dress! She looks adorable in it, its so much fun sewing and creating for our babies isn’t it,

    you have a very busy day, I still find had to believe its been 8 months!

  2. katie near chicago says:

    She looks seriously adorable in that dress!

  3. Asmita says:

    The dress is just adorable as is your daughter in it. I absolutely love the colour combination.

    You know I purchased this pattern and I never used it. :-( . And mine was not seventy five cents. I was very sad to find this out, given how beautifully all Oliver+S things sew up, and how expensive the pattern was, that now that I am clearing my cupboard and rearranging things, I have vowed to use this one the second time around-i.e. whether we have a boy or girl.

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