Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! (Or fourth of July, depending where you are.) We went to a local festival for lunch and bingo and snowcones. I wanted to rush home in time for M’s nap, but she conked out almost as soon as the car started moving and then was full of beans once we were back. Usually she’ll eventually fall asleep for the remainder of her nap when that happens, but today she just joyfully played in her crib for an hour, like a goof (and then went to bed a little bit early). We spent our afternoon doing the usual stuff, which often involves lying on the floor for me. M is pretty good with independent play, but it’s nice to be close to her if she wants something, and she loves trying to climb over me now that she’s a little more active/mobile. Plus, lying on the floor requires almost no muscles. I took today’s photos from my spot on the floor — Nova was sitting on the footstool, pretending to be noble.

M’s bottom two teeth poked through a couple of days ago — not that you’d know it from her cheerful demeanor. (You can’t actually see them yet, just feel them.) I think it must be because they’ve come in so slowly (they’ve looked ‘ready’ since she was about three months old); maybe these ones just didn’t hurt. Even with all the leaps and changes she’s made recently, it wasn’t until the teeth came in that I suddenly felt sad that M won’t be a baby forever. Someday she’ll have a whole mouth full of teeth!

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2 Responses to Fourth of July

  1. Asmita says:

    Yes, that is indeed true, she’ll have a mouth full of teeth, and then they begin to fall, which is when I really felt sad.
    I love the second photo, of Henny. My good friend had a dog who looked just liked that and yours reminds me of his. She, the dog that is, (Ami) is long gone, but I think of her often and your picture brought another memory of hers.
    Thank you too (!) for your comment, and like I said I’ll visit often :-)

  2. Shannon says:

    Yay for easy teething – F was the same way. Hope the rest of her teeth come in so easily, too.

    All your babies are so cute.

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