Clever Girl

In just the past few days, M has figured out consonants (‘Dadadaydayba-pbbbfft!’), how to put toys into other people’s mouths (a bigger developmental leap than it might seem), and how to drink out of a straw. She’d tried that last one several times in the past with no success, but today she wanted to taste some of my smoothie, and — tada — no problem. It was only a handful of months ago that she was a little lump, and today I looked in the rear-view mirror to see her turning the pages of a book in her car seat. Babies, you guys. Highly recommended!

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4 Responses to Clever Girl

  1. So happy for you! Wishing you a great week with that beautiful child!


    Barbara Diane

  2. Momma says:

    As babies grow, so does your heart! Trust me, this I know to be true. XO

  3. Anne Bennett says:

    Just when I think M can’t get any cuter Ta Da she does. Very happy for you.

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