Well, we went to the doctor yesterday, and the news was good! M gets to move to part-time wear of her hip brace, which means only during nights and naps. I’m so excited for M, and she seems plenty happy about it, too! She has always been a little wiggle baby, and now she can wiggle to her heart’s content. It’s so nice to be able to play in the tub longer, without watching the clock to make sure she gets back into her brace on time. (She previously was allowed one hour per day out of the brace, which was usually 15min for a bath and then a longer break around dinner, so she could play in her saucer and then do a little tummy time.) Now she can wear overalls and shorts (and those skirts with the ‘undies’ built in). She rode in the front of a shopping cart for the first time today and seemed to really enjoy it — especially the part where I let her hold the noisy box of pasta!

I really didn’t think she’d be down to part-time wear this quickly. It’s been two months; I wonder if I’d known it would be ‘only’ two months from the start, whether it would have been easier to deal with. I’m not really sure how long she’ll have to continue to wear the brace while she sleeps — last month, the doctor said probably for another year, but the latest ultrasound seemed to show that the joint was more or less normal. She’ll have an x-ray in two months’ time to have a look at how the bone has formed, and I wonder if we’ll get more good news. I think I mentioned last time that the dysplasia was/is quite mild, but that it was caught much later than they like (grrr). I googled ‘mild hip dysplasia’ (or something) a little bit ago, curious to see what the treatment had been like for other babies, and instead I found a lot of people saying that they’d chosen not to treat their babies’ mild dysplasia. What! They were all, ‘Oh, she’s two years old now, and she’s walking just fine.’ Well, yeah. That’s why it’s missed in some people until later in life, when they’re plagued by pain and facing surgery. How stupid to ignore it. As sad as I was about M being in a brace twenty-three hours a day, I was glad it was helping her, and I was very strict about keeping it on exactly as long as it was supposed to be. I didn’t really realize a parent would feel there was any other option. And now M gets to play and play and play without her brace — and her hip is looking great. Hooray!

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  1. Katie says:

    Dare I say it?

    Hip hip hooray!

    Sorry, I had to. :) So glad things are going well with M’s hip!

  2. laurie says:

    such great news!!! Its shocking sometimes the choices others make for their children, we all have different visions I suppose, I trust our doctors decisions and do my own research but if I could spare my child future pain and misery it would always be my first choice , for sure,
    sadly anyone can have a child or a pet and some people should have neither!

  3. Congratulations!

    She looks so cute in her overall shorts! Good news for a good mom and good baby! Wishing you a happy weekend!


    Barbara Diane

  4. Cyrene says:

    congrats for the good news. Baby M has grown so much in these past two months! It seems babies grow like weeds, in a good and adorable way :) Baby M looks healthy and so adorable; that beautiful smile of her is priceless.

    I haven’t been able to check your blog or others for a while. I’m glad all is well and the baby is getting bigger and healthy.
    Kind Regards

  5. aarthi says:

    so happy for you both

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