JCPenney Portraits

M and I went up to Duluth yesterday to have some portraits taken at JCPenney. It was quick and easy and relatively inexpensive (we got the CD with all the images from the shoot, to do with as we please), and the photographer was great. I usually feel horrible and awkward in front of a camera (I think most people do!), but she told me just how to pose and where, and M was her usual photogenic self. I would have taken ten shots of each pose, where she did only one or two, but they still came out nicely. I’ll never choose a cool-colored backdrop again, though — fixing the color balance has been an impossible task. Some of the poses are kind of hilarious in their pose-edness, but they’re nice photos of M and me, so I love them. But that last one is pretty much a JCPenney ad from the early 90s, right?

p.s. — Sorry about the dirty shoes in a couple of the photos. I didn’t intend for them to be seen!

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4 Responses to JCPenney Portraits

  1. laurie says:

    they are beautiful, M’s cardigan is beautiful too, I LOVE the color, some great positions, much better than the traditional sit and smile,

  2. Shannon says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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