It was so beautiful outside yesterday! Sunny and in the low 60s. The dogs wanted to go running around all day long, but M and I had to get some errands done, so we didn’t get out until around dinnertime. I have a bunch of photos of Nova and none of Henny because Henny doesn’t think she can walk over/through snow (so she sticks close to the house), whereas Nova is usually running so fast that she hardly touches it, anyway. I was amazed by how much melting happened yesterday. Snow that had been taller than my (tall!) rubber boots a couple of days ago was only a few inches high. That rock Nova is standing on has been slowly coming out of hibernation, but it used to be completely covered in snow.

M is the perfect size for the Ergo now (her legs weren’t quite long enough before), so she had a good time hanging out as we walked around. This was the best photo of us out of about ten that I took, and I couldn’t even get it centered properly! I suppose it’s only right that she’s in the middle, since she’s the cutie baby. She looks a lot like my baby photos in this one!

When the snow first started melting around the trees, I could see a big pile of ‘sawdust’ at the base of the dead tree near the pond. I think it’s a pileated woodpecker that’s been coming around. I was finally able to look at the tree up close, and it’s basically been tunneled right through! Pretty cool. I think Rob needs to read up on tree felling and take care of this with his chainsaw.

The pond is going to be FULL when everything is done melting! It’s already spilling out onto the lawn in some areas. The ground is still pretty frozen, so there’s standing water in many parts of the yard, and I think things will be mushy for quite a while. But some of my brave perennials are already coming up! The poor geese keep landing on the pond and then walking around on the ice — probably wondering where all the water went. I can hear them out there right now. I was going to go out yesterday to smash a hole near the shore, but the sun took care of that for me.

Doesn’t Nova look like a brave explorer dog in that second photo? She’s been a really good girl outside so far this year. I had to go out to shut the door on the big barn garage this morning (the handset was locked, but apparently it needs the deadbolt, too, as it was wide open!), and I let Nova come with me. I didn’t think to make sure it was ‘safe’ first, and as we got out the door, a big deer went bounding from the yard into the woods. Since it’s Nova’s greatest dream to take down one of those things (ha!), she started chasing it, but she didn’t get TOO far and eventually came back when I called her. The remaining snow slowed her down, and thank goodness she was hungry for her breakfast! Anyway, it’s a big improvement from this time last year.

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  1. laurie says:

    oh Anna M is beautiful, she looks so much like you , she is such a happy looking baby, you are a head of us spring wise but we will catch up, everyday is “firsts” for you and M, that was the joy of my babies and my life together, we see everything with fresh new yes through theirs, they make us see differently, take care sweet lady,

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