Matinee Coat

Whew, I finally finished M’s matinee coat — just in time for her to outgrow it. Whoops. I started the 3-6mos size right after Christmas (when she was only two months old), and then I… didn’t finish it until now. I had made good progress and thought I’d fly to the finish when I started the sleeves, but stockinette stitch is just so boring. So the project sat unfinished until a few days ago, when I became determined to finish it NOW. And, of course, it didn’t really take very long to knit up the sleeves, block it, and piece it together. The sleeves are just the right length, but it doesn’t quite come together in the middle when the ribbon is tied. Now that I see how cute M is in it, I wish I would have finished it a long time ago, although it’s extra sweet with this dress she’s wearing, which has only begun to fit (it’s a Gap size 6-12mos). She can wear it for a while longer without the ribbon tied, though. (My pal Em gave me both the Debbie Bliss book — I think this is the American version — with the pattern and the yarn for Christmas.)

Now that I’m done with this project, I’ve started my Fezziwig cardigan. I’ve only ever knitted baby sweaters, given my attention problem, but this one is knit with bulky yarn, and the going isn’t too slow. It would be nice to make a good dent in it this weekend, since we’re newly snowed in again, so let’s hope M takes some good naps!

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  1. Em says:

    You are so clever! It looks lovely. They should buy the photos from you for the reprint of the book. x

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