Five Months

Wow, five months! This update is a few days late because Maris, my mom, and I were living it up in sunny (actually mostly cloudy) Texas with Rob. Her outfit this month is in honor of the warmer weather, since we’ll have to have a freak weather day to be able to wear those shorts around here before M outgrows them! The last month passed by so quickly, and five months seems like such a more grown-up age than four months. Before I know it, M’ll be half a year old. She spent a lot of the last month being slightly harder to please than ‘usual’, in terms of getting bored with her toys, but she also made a lot of big leaps that have made life easier. And this might be the first time I can really say ‘this is such a fun age’ — she’s so interested in everything, and I love watching her explore the world around her.

Size: M is 15lbs8oz and about as long as she was at her four-month appointment. She seems a lot taller, though — her feet reach the floor in toys when they didn’t before. Sometimes I look at her and can’t believe how big she already is. I keep throwing clothes in the ‘too small’ bin as she outgrows them, and it’s weird that she has a completely different set of clothes now from what she was wearing a couple of months ago. She has some zip-up 3mos jammies that she still (barely) fits into, but she can also wear the 6mos ones without them flopping around at the feet.

Likes and Dislikes: I’m happy to say that she now really enjoys bath time. It seemed like a shame that it used to make her cry, but now she loves playing with toys in the water. Right now, her favorite thing is to suck on a wet washcloth over her fist while doing lots of splashing with her feet. Noisy toys really went up in the ranks this month. She loves to rattle things and to bang them on hard surfaces. It must be so exciting to her that this noise making is within her power. She still never tires of her crinkly book, which amazes me. I should probably wash it, as the tails are constantly in her mouth.
She tried out her stroller(s) for the first time this month, and I’m surprised by how much she enjoys going for a ride. We have a small umbrella stroller in the house, and when she’s a little tired and fussy, I’ll put her in that and push her around for a tour of the rooms. And she enjoyed her stroller time in the bigger umbrella stroller in Texas. I guess she must just like looking around at everything while moving.

Eating: She’s been doing great — it’s ALMOST hard to remember how much worrying I used to do when she didn’t want to eat very much. She stopped getting a bottle in the middle of the night, so now she eats 3-4oz when she wakes up and another 3-5oz when she goes down for her first nap. Then she usually eats 6oz before both of her other two naps, maybe an ounce or two after that, and then 5-6oz before bedtime. She gets a bottle at 10:00pm and usually eats 3-4oz then. In total, she eats around 30oz/day — sometimes a little more or a little less.
She tried ‘solid’ food (really purees) for the first time this month, just for fun. I don’t think she’s ready to eat solids for real yet, but she’s had fun tasting things. She’s had bananas a couple of times, and she’s tried sweet potatoes and pears. To my surprise, black beans have been her favorite! She also likes to taste my ice cream — I hold the cone up for her, and she opens her mouth and gently sticks out her tongue for a tiny taste. I’m glad she’s getting to the age where she can start trying these things, but I’m also really happy that she can stick to a 99.9%-milk diet for quite a while longer.

Sleeping: Sleep has really improved this month. I decided that she probably didn’t need her middle-of-the-night bottle, since she was hardly eating anything then anyway. It took a couple of difficult nights of crying in the early AM hours, but she quickly settled into sleeping straight from 10:00pm until the morning. Lately, she’s decided she can wake up between 4:00-5:00am, which I’m not very happy about, so I might see if a later ‘dream feed’ helps keep her asleep later in the morning. She’s usually sound asleep when I come in at 10:00pm, and she stays asleep when I pick her up, although she opens her mouth, knowing that a bottle is coming. It’s so cute. She takes three naps a day, usually at 8:00am, 11-11:30am, and 2-3:00pm. She’ll sleep anywhere from half an hour to 1.5 hours, which is why the second two naps vary.

Working On / Accomplishments: What a month it’s been! I think the biggest new thing for her is standing up. All she needs is a little help with the stability/balance — she supports her own weight. This developed over just a couple of days. It was like she realized she could bear weight on her legs and then never looked back. She loves when I lie on the sofa and stand her up on my tummy so she towers over me.
She also spent a lot of time in her new saucer this month, and I was really impressed by how quickly she figured out the buttons and toys on it. She seems to understand cause and effect much better now. And her hand-eye coordination is excellent.

She went through a quiet period and wasn’t talking much at all for a while, and then all of a sudden she felt chatty again. That’s happened several times since she first started cooing, and I think it has to do with concentrating on physical developments instead of verbal ones. Her babbling is still mostly all vowels, but she’ll give long monologues to anybody or nobody when she’s in a talking mood.

She rolled over for the first time this month. She had gone from her back to her side once or twice when she was younger, but this was the first time she purposefully rolled to her side and then onto her tummy. She seems to find that MUCH easier than rolling tummy to back, which she’s done only once on her own.

Everything is up for grabs these days — I can barely eat with her on my lap now, because she tries to put her hands in and on anything that comes near. I was trying to eat cereal the other day, and she wouldn’t let go of the rim of the bowl, trying to pull it down to see what was inside. It’s amazing to me that she can simply reach out and grab what she wants without seeming to need to concentrate very hard. And anything she get her hands on goes into her mouth. Her two bottom front teeth have been just below the surface of her gums since she was three months old, and I’m sure they’ll make their appearance one of these days!

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2 Responses to Five Months

  1. Ann says:

    Awww that is the happiest baby! Love her!

  2. Ali says:

    Isn’t it crazy to think that just a few months ago, all she could do was lie there and look around? Love the pictures, such a happy girl!

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