7 Responses to M and the Sloth

  1. laurie says:

    there has been a television program about sloths on lately, a series I believe and its fascinating, this toy is wonderful, i have never saw one like this, oh baby M is so cute , what a personality and those little roly poly arms, oh my gosh, she is a darlin, beautiful,

  2. Ali says:

    It looks like M’s hair has been busy on a growing kick, I bet she has a whole head of hair by this summer!

  3. MookiePie says:

    Oh, she is so adorable! What cute pictures of all of you :)

  4. Papillon says:

    Love pic #2 where she seems to be carrying a conversation with Mr Sloth. Thanks for sharing these pics.

  5. Anna (not 12-22) says:

    Have you seen the book; “Sparky!”? I saw it at Village Books in Bellingham, and it struck a chord. I liked this review so thought i’d link it here for you to take a look at the book if you are so inclined: http://blogs.slj.com/afuse8production/2014/03/08/review-of-the-day-sparky-by-jenny-offill/#_

  6. Kara says:

    Love that smile!

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