Saucer Time

M’s been keeping me busy lately! I feel like when she hit four months old, I could finally start saying, ‘This is such a fun age!’ She’s actually needed much more ‘help’ in keeping occupied (she gets bored easily and fusses), but she’s so interactive and understands what’s going on so much more now. I finally broke down and bought her a play saucer last week, and she loves it! I was given a hand-me-down exersaucer before M was born, and that one lives at my parents’ house. I was sure I didn’t want such a big contraption at home, and it seemed really unnecessary — until I saw how much fun M had in it! Saucers are definitely on the list of baby items that you don’t need to survive, but they’re also exactly what a baby wants at this age.

Of course, M went straight for the only little tag on the whole thing. How’d she even find it? She’s been big time into developing her motor skills, both gross and fine. She loves to stand up with help only to balance, and she also spends a lot of time delicately feeling objects with her fingers. She figures things out so quickly now that it surprises me. The saucer has a sort of ‘keyboard’ with buttons that play sounds or music, and she realized right away that pushing them made noise. And she pulls the cord on the dangling turtle over and over and over, since that also plays music. There’s a small track with beads on it, and the first time she moved one from the bottom to the middle (the highest part), she looked up at me to make sure I’d seen what a good job she’d done. My clever girl

So we’re pretty happy with the new big lump of plastic in the living room. It’s this one, if you’re interested. It seemed like the best quality one that wasn’t pushing $100, which felt like too much to spend on something she’ll use for just a few months. I wish it had more rattle toys (there’s really only one, which requires pushing down to operate, and she can’t reach quite far enough yet), since that’s what she likes most right now, but she still manages to make a lot of noise with the music, etc. She was a little paranoid that the clown fish (that she’s staring at in the picture above) was constantly watching her, but now she just wants to figure out how to get it into her mouth. I particularly like that when she starts to get bored in the saucer, I can just turn the seat around for her, and she’s suddenly looking at a bunch of different toys (when she gets bored with those, it’s back to more hands-on activities). Hooray for plastic baby junk!

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  1. Shannon says:

    I remember how much Finn loved his play saucer – it’s crazy how much they like them, and so much fun to see while they can still fit in it.

    She gets more beautiful every day – love the pictures, as always.

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