Little Shirts

I’ve been doing some sewing lately. There are/were a couple of pieces of Liberty cotton lawn lying around that I thought would be nice for blouse-y shirts for M, and I also want to make a sweatshirt for her. So I hit Etsy to look for some patterns. This is the pattern I used for the shirt above. It’s so girly! M doesn’t have many really girly clothes, because I don’t like the ruffles and puff shoulders and gathers you see on a lot of typical baby girl outfits.

How sweet is she? She’s wearing some little shorts, even though it’ll be a long time before she can wear those around here. I was worried that the pattern of the fabric would be too crazy, but I think she pulls it off!

I haven’t made the sweatshirt yet, but I got this raglan-sleeve shirt pattern and made a little thermal shirt to test it out. With the sweatshirt, I’ll do ribbed cuffs on the arms and waist instead of just folding and hemming. I might still put cuffs on the sleeves of this shirt… or I’ll just leave it as it is. That would be easier!

Too cute! I can’t stand it. When she looks up like this and sticks her chin out, I feel like I can see the toddler she’ll be someday. The collar of this pattern is a bit wide, since it’s not lapped and has to fit over a big baby head. I don’t love how wide it is, but it’s much easier to sew — I can picture making lots of these to put over short-sleeves onesies when the temperature is mild!

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3 Responses to Little Shirts

  1. laurie says:

    just like playing with dolls, lol!!! She is such a cutie, such bright eyes Beautiful job Anna! Love the model,

  2. Ann says:

    babies = adorable

    babies + homemade clothes = super adorable

    Maris + Anna-made clothes = volcanic levels of adorability
    (plus impressive talent on all sides)

  3. Ali says:

    She is too stinkin’ cute!

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