We went outside yesterday! The temperature got up to 40F, and the sun came out, so I bundled up M and scooted outside as quickly as possible. Besides rushed trips between building and car, M had never been outside! The winter has just been too cold. I keep trying to explain to her that the world isn’t always so white — there’s so much snow (and so little of anything else out here in the country) that it’s actually painful to look across the landscape on a bright day. You can kind of tell that M was a bit skeptical of the great outdoors.

Here’s part of the snow ridge that lines the driveway. I wasn’t joking about how big it is! Not to beat a dead horse, but it’s really an unbelievable amount of snow. It’s going to take a long time for the ground to dry out this spring. The only benefit to all this snow is that it’s stopped the frost line from moving down, even with the extreme cold. (This is according to our contractor. He’s been all over town — where the snow doesn’t cover as much of the ground — thawing out pipes, and I’ve heard that municipalities are having problems with main lines freezing as the frost moves lower than usual.) I wonder if that will mean the ground thaws sooner — not that it will matter if it’s completely waterlogged.

We had a lovely weekend, did you? I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to have M sleeping well. And eating well. She’s not been very independent lately, needing me to hold her and move her here and there to play with different things all the time (basically being fussy), but that’s small potatoes compared to worrying about whether she’s eating enough and sleeping right. Now that she stays up longer, she goes down for naps so easily. She treated me to some long naptimes on Saturday, and I was finally able to watch the not-so-new-anymore Hunger Games movie!

She looks so sweet on the video monitor (she’ll wiggle around for a bit if she’s still awake after I give her her bottle, and then she’ll just turn her head to the side and be asleep — weird baby sorcery); it’s hard not to want to go down and just watch her sleep. But I’ve been getting more done during the day, and that feels good too. And there are still plenty of hours during the day for us to be together!

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  1. Cyrene says:

    Wow, I shuddered when I saw the second photo. This mountain of snow will take a long time to melt! We were very lucky this year in Central Italy; it seems Mother Nature decided to skip winter this year and give us 2 Springs instead! We had snow only once back in November and it lasted for 2 days! And from this weekend temperatures will be in the 70! Crazy because this is not normal and I believe it is the tip of the iceberg. Global warming is a fact and if we do not take actions now, which I doubt it as people will not stop buying, using plastic, cars, etc, I believe in few years things will get worse. Cold places will get more snow and get colder and hot places will get hotter. Most people in Europe and the US still haven’t felt the impact of the global warming but people in poor countries in Africa and Asia do. My brother who lives in North Africa told me that many beautiful villages had to be evacuated due to the advance of the desert, the unusually hot and dry weather they had been experiencing for some years. It is sad because it is of our doing and if people do not think and act now, we will see more severe weathers.

    sorry Anna for this gloomy outlook but my late visit to London UK made me so depressed: plastic bags everywhere, people shopping all the time, no one is bothered to recycle; just dreadful.

    • Anna says:

      I agree completely. I don’t understand how people can see all the extreme weather events (in the US alone!) and still say nothing is changing. It’s very frustrating!

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