Sunny Day Treats

It’s such a beautiful, sunny day! Well, it’s actually been quite sunny the past few days, ever since the big snow storm that hit Thursday. Thank goodness for the sun, or the roads would still be solid blocks of ice in the well-below-freezing temperatures we’ve been having. Look at little Henny enjoying the sun. I took this during one of M’s naps, when I snuck upstairs to watch a little TV (usually I stay down in my bedroom or in the family room and read stuff for work). She’s been such a good napper today! When I put her down for her most recent nap, the mail lady delivered (some of) this:

My swap package from Sarah! The swap was organized by Amanda, and it was just the sort of project I needed this cold February. I hope the snow last week hasn’t delayed the package I sent to my swap partner. It should have arrived on Friday, but who knows, now. Anyway, I’m excited to use the homemade lip balm and body butter and vapor rub (which I’m smelling right now — mmm, vapors). She also sent along a photo card and a little pair of trousers for M. You can see M sleeping in the video monitor. I’m looking at it right now, and it seems like she thinks she’s done napping!

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2 Responses to Sunny Day Treats

  1. Julie says:

    Hi Anna! Received my package the other day and wanted to let you know how much fun it was to have something delivered to brighten my rainy day. My youngest daughter promptly claimed the “chickadee bag” (that’s what she calls it) for her own. I had to hide everything else! Funny thing, when I looked up your blog, I realized that I had bookmarked it years ago for the zipper tutorial. Crazy how things often turn out that way. Your swap gifts are just wonderful and I will treasure them. I’ve spent a few evenings perusing your blog, too, and find your strength and attitude inspiring. That baby is lovely! Thank you again, and may you continue to find joy and contentment in your life.

  2. amanda says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed participating in the swap! what lovely things you sent out and received~

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