Four Months

Four months already! M has changed SO much in the last month — I just love it. She is a funny, silly baby, so curious and social and happy. I know all mothers are partial to their own children, but I can’t imagine a more pleasant baby than M. I really do feel blessed to be able to watch her grow.

Size: We won’t get an ‘official’ size update until her four-month appointment on the 28th, but I weighed her last week with the spring scale, and it said she was 14lbs3oz. Wow! She certainly has grown a lot this month. Her legs are so big and strong, and there’s a heft to her that wasn’t there just a few weeks ago. At an appointment earlier in the month (on the 7th), they measured her at 24.5” long. Over two feet! She definitely looks more like a ‘real baby’ than a newborn now.

Likes and Dislikes: These are getting more and more defined. She has favorite toys now: Kitty Cat Doll, her crinkly Kitty Tails book, Taggy Puppy, and the Oball rattle. She likes to sit in her high chair when I’m in the kitchen, and she reaches out for the toys on the tray before I even get it snapped into place. She’s started to throw the Oball rattle on the floor, but I think it’s mainly because she likes to shake it, and then she loses her grip. She’s also determined to get it into her mouth, but it’s too big! I took the little-baby sling out of her tub, and now she enjoys baths a lot more. She watches her feet kicking in the water and tries to grab toys that are floating around. And she LOVES meeting people and watching everything that’s going on when we’re out.
Her main dislikes are just being hungry and sleepy, although sometimes she just wants me to hold her, so she fusses if I put her down. She gets bored if she has to look at the same stuff for too long, but generally she’s just a happy, easy-going baby.

Eating: She took a HUGE leap forward in eating this month. The same day I moved her crib into her room, she just started eating 4-5oz at a time, easy as that. She went from eating a couple of ounces every two hours, with lots of top-ups in between, to eating every three hours. No problem. I had heard of babies doing this — just suddenly taking bigger bottles — but I didn’t think she would do that, as getting her to eat had always been such a struggle. If I had to guess (and assuming it’s not just a developmental thing, which it may be), I’d say the change is due to her sleeping better at night and to having bottles at night instead of nursing+bottles. Before she made the change during the day, she had started taking 4-5oz from a bottle during the night and then going longer before her next waking. I had a lot of mixed feelings about giving up nursing for a long time, but if it allows her to sleep and eat better overall, I have no regrets!

Sleeping: Sooo much better! She’s up only once or twice during the night, now. Usually between 10-11:00pm and then 2-3:00am. Up for the day around 6:00am. Sometimes she doesn’t wake up until midnight or so, and then she’ll sleep through to the morning. I can’t believe what a difference her sleeping in her own room has made! Obviously, I just wasn’t ready before a couple of weeks ago, but I’m so glad we made the change. I feel like I can enjoy her so much more during the day when I’ve had 6+ hours of sleep during the night. And it’s so funny when she wakes up in the morning and talks to herself.
Most of her naps are in her crib now. She still falls asleep in my arms with a bottle, and then I move her over. Sometimes she wakes up a little and isn’t happy about going into her crib, but she’s getting better at falling asleep again on her own. My goal over the next month is to stretch out her awake times and naps so that she has only three naps. The forth one is always really short (and in the wrap), and I think she’s ready to drop it, but the schedule needs to shift around for that to work.

Working On / Accomplishments: She really worked on fine-tuning her skills this month! She’s getting much better at picking things up, and most things go straight into her mouth. She still doesn’t love tummy time, but she can hold her head up well and push a bit on her arms. She’ll smile at me and look pleased with herself, but when she’s done, she’s done. She shows zero interest in rolling over, which is funny because it seems like she’d really love to be able to move around more. Maybe she’s saving it up and will go straight into running around!
She’s getting better and better at sitting, and I won’t be surprised if she’s sitting on her own sooner rather than later. She’s almost at the point where she can prop herself up with one arm, but she’s not quite strong enough yet — plus, as soon as she wants to move and wiggle, she topples over. She started really playing in the exersaucer at Grandma and Grandpa’s house this past week. Last time we visited, she just couldn’t reach the toys, but she’s sooo much bigger now! She gets very excited, jumping and wiggling.
I love when she does her talking. Sometimes it’s long strings of complain-y sounding noises. Other times she does shorter ‘words’ and really seems to be concentrating on moving her lips and tongue the way she sees me do. The other evening, she was talking to me when she should have been going to sleep, so I whispered to her that it was bedtime — and she whispered back to me! She had never done that before, and it was so cute.

Other Stuff: I can’t wait to get her outside more when the weather starts behaving. It’s been a long, cold winter! She’s stuck in her car seat a lot when we run errands because it’s too cold to leave it in the car. But I’m looking forward to being able to put her in the baby seat of a cart, so she can see everything going on.
Some of our Green Bay relatives came to visit this past week, and they were all in love with her, of course. I didn’t realize how engaged and alert she is (I mean, compared to other babies) until I saw some infants her age. No wonder everybody wants to talk to her!

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  1. How could anyone not love this beautiful little girl! :<)

    Wishing you both a happy day tomorrow!


    Barbara Diane

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