Day in the Life (Almost Four Months)

It seems like every blogger with a baby does a ‘Day in the Life’ post at some point (even though life with an infant is kind of… not very exciting to read about?). I think it’s mainly so they can look back as their child gets older — so I’m going to allow myself the same indulgence. I apologize for the inane level of detail. (Click the ‘Continue Reading’ link to see it all.)

5:40am — Wake up. M usually gets up around 6:00-6:30, but I’ve heard her stirring and then going back to sleep for a while by this point, and she’s making noises like she’s serious. She sleeps again while she has a bottle (she’s pretty much 100% bottle now — her choice — but it’s all pumped milk). I don’t mind the early wake-up because she slept seven hours in a row, waking up only once during the night. Not sure where that came from, as her longest stretch has only ever been four hours, but I like it! I change her and then let the dogs outside.

6:30 — Go upstairs to have breakfast and feed the dogs. M plays with toys on the tray of her high chair seat while I eat cereal (I need a break from all that oatmeal I made!), and we chat with the cats, who, predictably, are sitting on the table. Bad cats.

7:00 — I make a cup of coffee using Rob’s espresso machine. The machine is clearly made out of magic, or maybe I’ve accidentally paid attention when Rob’s been talking about it, because the coffee is really good. (I hardly ever make it.)

7:30 — M has a bottle and goes down for her first nap. She doesn’t drink very much — just an ounce with her Prevacid — because of the bottle she had when she woke up (she’s not usually hungry then, but she hadn’t had an early-early-morning wake-up/top-up), but she falls asleep easily. I put her in her crib and then sit in my own bed to message with my mom on Skype and read the internet. The kitty cats join me.

8:30 — M wakes up. I change her, and then we go out into the family room to play.

9:00 — M amuses herself in her pod while I see how much knitting I can get done before she wants my full attention (four rows). I put on music (Nat King Cole), and we play ‘big baby, little baby’. That involves lying on my back and lifting her up over me. She almost never spits up, but it’s still terrifying. I try not to let on. We dance around a little and let Nova outside.

9:30 — M has her bottle early, since she ate so little last time. I dress her for her nap (onesie + Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit) before she eats, as that also keeps her from shoving the bottle out of her mouth every ten seconds. She’s a little squirrely, so I have to sing songs to her so she’ll settle down.

10:00 — I put M in her crib and read my iPad in the rocking chair next to her. She doesn’t want to fall asleep, but at least she’s being good-natured about it. She lies there, talking to herself, and her eyes eventually start to droop.

10:20 — I sneak out of her room even though she’s still awake. I go upstairs to make something to eat for ‘lunch’. I haven’t really had much of an appetite since M was born (or maybe since I was pregnant). I get hungry, but nothing ever sounds appealing. If somebody puts food in front of me, I’ll happily eat it all, but I have almost zero enthusiasm for finding my own food. I wind up microwaving something, and I put the clean dishes from the dishwasher away while I wait.

10:30 — M falls asleep on her own. I love the video monitor, but it’s almost impossible to tell whether her eyes are open or closed on it. Lots of squinting involved and waiting to see if she moves at all.

10:45 — After I eat, I get my swap package ready to send. Birdy tries to help, fails. I almost finish before…

11:20 — M wakes up. Fifty minutes is better than thirty (the usual length of her naps recently), but it’s not ninety. I go downstairs and cuddle with her in the rocking chair, and she closes her eyes for a few more minutes.

11:30 — M’s really up now. At least she wakes up with a smile. The worst is when she cries for an hour before falling asleep, sleeps for thirty minutes, and then cries when she wakes up. I feel so bad that she’s not getting good sleep when that happens. After I change her, she sits in her Rock ‘n’ Play while I take a quick shower and then clean bottles. The dogs have come downstairs to say that it’s time to go outside again.

11:45 — We go upstairs, and I finish addressing my swap package. M sits in her other Rock ‘n’ Play (I know — we’ve got one on each level. Cheaper than an extra set of arms!) while I look at the first half of the day’s photos. She gets bored, so I sit her on my lap, where she’s quite happy for a while longer.

12:00 — We move to the playmat, and M talks to the toys in a very concerned-sounding voice. She always sounds concerned and/or like she’s trying to make the case for getting her own way. I grab a piece of banana bread that my mom brought over yesterday before we head downstairs.

12:30 — M eats again. She JUST (on Wednesday) started eating a decent amount in one sitting. And it happened when she started sleeping in her own room. Coincidence? She’s had 15oz so far today, and there were days not so long ago when she would have had barely more than that before going to bed at night. (So you can see why I haven’t been surprised by her many night wakings — she should be eating around 24-30oz/day.)

1:00 — M falls asleep, but she wakes up as soon as I put her in her crib. She fusses for a minute and then lies there quietly, trying to scratch the elephants off her bed sheet. I sit with my laptop in the rocking chair for a bit to see if she’s going to get sleepy or cry.

1:20 — She’s almost asleep, so I creep out of her room.

1:30 — She seems to be sleeping. I type up the day’s events so far, or I’ll forget what’s happened, even with my notes.

1:50 — M wakes up with a loud cry. I wonder if she really was asleep or just lying quite still. I think asleep, but maybe she had a dream that I was making her take a nap within a nap. I pick her up and sit with her in the rocking chair. She’s all, ‘I’m not sleepy!’ But I say she is, and when I get her to take her pacifier, she quickly goes back to sleep. I wait a few more minutes, and then put her back in her crib. She’s super asleep, all heavy and limp.

2:00 — I go upstairs to play with the dogs for a few minutes and then let them outside. I load the dishwasher, but I don’t start it yet because the drain pipe is in one of M’s bedroom walls. I doubt it would bother her, but you never know. Plus, I’m bound to find a rogue dish somewhere else in the house. I go out to the freezer in the garage to grab a jar of frozen soup for dinner later, but — O! Happy day! — I discover a pizza in there instead.

2:15 — Decide to see if I can get any more knitting done while I watch a little TV. Try to get either of the dogs to cuddle with me up on the sofa, but they have better things to do.

2:30 — Only four more rows before M starts to stir on the monitor. I need to learn to knit fast if I’m going to finish this sweater before she outgrows it! She’s in and out of sleep, so I wait for her to make some noise.

2:40 — I go down to get M and change her. We go into my room before heading upstairs, and sure enough, there’s a bowl trying to hide from the dishwasher.

2:45 — Back on the play mat for some tummy time and wiggling. Babies in cardigans are ridiculous. She’s happy on the mat for quite a while, turning herself around in a circle (but she seems to have no interest in rolling over). I tease Nova with a ball. Apparently there’s no limit to the number of times she’ll chase a ball I’ve only pretended to throw.

3:25 — I take M down to her room for a change and a bottle. I don’t put her in her sleepsuit because she has her last nap of the day in the wrap. She doesn’t eat as much — only 2.5oz — but that’s typical. I switch her sound machine from ‘Ocean’ to ‘Twinkle’ and sing as many songs as I can think of with that tune (three) over and over. She approves.

3:55 — Upstairs and into the wrap for M. I put my pizza — excuse me, ‘spinach and artichoke flatbread’ into the oven. I make my own mealtimes.

4:00 — ‘Look at that big crow!’ I say to nobody who understands me. Well, Nova does run over to the window, hoping for something to bark at.

4:10 — Pizza’s done! M still hasn’t fallen asleep, and she watches me eat very closely.

4:25 — M falls asleep after much restlessness but no crying. (She must know I’m writing this all down. Usually at least one nap involves a lot of crying!) I watch TV and read the internet while bouncing on the exercise ball. I also have to hold up M’s head because she likes to lean it back. She’s a silly monkey.

5:00 — I get up to make M’s medicine bottle (the Prevacid again), and she wakes up. A catnap is good at this point in the day — enough to tide her over until bedtime but not enough to delay it. She eats her medicine bottle.

5:15 — We go into my bathroom to wash a couple of bottles and then talk to the baby in the mirror. M seems to have quite a lot to say to her today! Those knitted eyebrows always happen when she’s talking — can’t you just imagine how concerned she must sound? I wonder if it’s just the concentration and effort it takes to talk, or if she’s continuously issuing complaints. Once M has shared all the latest gossip, we head upstairs. I have an ice cream bar and get M’s bedtime bottle ready.

5:45 — I brush my teeth and then get M changed for bedtime. She does a little wiggling before getting zipped up into her sleepsuit.

6:00 — Lights out, time for her bedtime bottle. She drinks all six ounces! She’s been drinking five ounces before bed for about two weeks now, and since she finishes the bottles, I figured it was time to see if she wanted more.

6:30 — M’s done eating and asleep, but I sit with her for a while longer to make sure all six ounces are going to stay down. Like I said, she almost never spits up, but when she does it’s because she’s eaten quite a bit more than usual.

6:45 — Decide she’s not going to burst. I put her down in her crib, and she stays asleep. I leave her room and let the dogs outside. I give Birdy an extra cuddle because she’s all shouty, and then I realize she’s just trying to tell me that she can see part of the bottom of her food dish. CATS.

7:00 — Finish writing up this post so I can publish it before I go to bed. I’ve gone to bed between 7:00pm and 8:00pm every night since M came home. I usually try to get to sleep as soon as I can, since she’s still been waking up so often at night. At least now that she’s in her own room, I can do a couple of things (like cleaning bottles) after she’s asleep!

And that’s a Sunday in the life of me + almost-four-month-old M!

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4 Responses to Day in the Life (Almost Four Months)

  1. Momma says:

    Nicely Done!! xo

  2. Julie says:

    I love this. Since I haven’t been able to experience a day with M in person (crushing two months on this end), it’s awfully fun to know exactly what happened for one day.

  3. debilyn says:

    Love your blog

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