M and I ran a few errands yesterday. First stop was the garden center, which stays open all year long (just the indoor part during the winter, of course). I was hoping to find some locally collected seeds for a blogger swap I’m participating in, but I had misremembered (or misunderstood) what I’d seen there last year — the hand labeled seed packets are just from bulk packages, not locally collected. Darn. We came home with this little aloe plant, though, because I was looking for something to put in my decorative greenhouse.

It’s always fun taking M out and about in town because people remember seeing her (or me, when I was pregnant). We stopped at the hardware store and finally saw the woman who runs it, who had been asking Rob about us right after M was born. She’s around my age and has a couple of kids of her own, and Rob refers to her as ‘your friend S’, even though she and I have never properly introduced ourselves to one another. (That you can know somebody’s name without ever having asked for it is a feature of small towns, I guess?) M had been grumbling in the car (unfortunate sun placement), but she was all smiles once we were in the store.

Here’s the aloe plant in its new home. I bought this little greenhouse for my mom when I was in college — during one of the summers I worked at the daycare back home. There was a garden center about halfway between my parents’ house and the school I worked at, so I stopped in one day on my walk home and carried this all the way back. It was probably only half a mile. Until I started running, I had no way to judge distances on foot, but it felt like a long way at the time. Somehow, I wound up with the greenhouse several years later, so I guess the moral of the story is to always buy people presents that you wouldn’t mind eventually getting back. (I hope my mom won’t feel guilty/embarrassed about that — I certainly don’t care!)

That little cactus is planted in a tiny bud vase that my friend Ann made. That’s why there are extra holes on the sides. But I rarely have flowers, and I didn’t want it to sit in a cupboard 99% of the time. Ann is generous and creative and funny and sarcastic but also joyful and genuine. And it’s her birthday tomorrow (on Valentine’s Day!), so you should wish her a happy birthday in the comments, even though you don’t know her. She would do it for you, if you had a birthday (which you probably do at some point most years).

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5 Responses to Errands

  1. Momma says:

    I have met Ann and I know her to be funny and joyful and genuine and creative. HAPPY VALENTINE BIRTHDAY TO YOU ANN!! Have a very nice day!
    Anna’s Momma

  2. Ann says:

    Oh my gosh that’s SO SWEET! Thank you, Anna and Anna’s Momma! <3

    *feeling all scrunchy with happiness*

  3. Rob says:

    (Belated) Happy Birthday, Ann!

  4. debilyn says:

    happy Birthday Ann! Love your blog

  5. Cyrene says:

    Happy Birthday Ann! I just read this post. Mine is coming up soon, in few days!

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