Low Key Day

It looks like maybe it’s sunny and a beautiful winter’s day in this photo, but it’s actually super blustery. Several inches of new snow fell last night and this morning, and then the wind came and blew it all off of the deck railings in mere seconds. Add to this that M is going through her three-month growth spurt (I hope that’s all this is!) and therefore sleeping even worse at night than usual and you’ve got a recipe for not getting out of bed most of the day. Okay, we sat at the dining room table when I ate lunch, and right now I’m sitting in the rocking chair in M’s room while she naps-not-really in her swing. But at least 80% of the day has been spent in bed. I even brought down M’s playmat.

Not everything is for Beany cats, Beany.

Or Birdy cats. Sheesh.

That’s better. I didn’t even realize Birdy was in this shot until I looked at it on the computer. The cats like to hang around this little heater — before I took the photo, Beany had her face practically buried in it. The smell of singed fur means the cat is nearly warm enough.

Having a bottle before a nap. Or, rather, trying to charm me into forgetting about both. But WHY can’t we just goof around until I’m so hungry and tired that I spend hours screaming about it? She’s a rotten one, this baby. Trying to trick me with cuteness.

Okay, this is a bonus photo from yesterday. She likes to chew on the edge of the wrap, but sometimes a baby just gets so sleepy…

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2 Responses to Low Key Day

  1. MM says:

    She is so beautiful! :-) (I’m talking about M of course, but Beany and Birdy are quite cute as well!)

  2. Ali says:

    Love how at peace she is when chewing on the fabric, she is a funny one (and cute of course too)!!

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