The Good Stuff

Hey, internet pals. I’ve got a cold so am generally wallowing, feeling poorly, and hoping M doesn’t catch it. I had a terrible sore throat last night, and I can only imagine how distressing that would be for her. But on the bright side…

– M seems to like napping in the swing. She still isn’t staying asleep for more than half an hour most of the time — no matter where she naps — but I think that might be a side effect of the 12th-week Wonder Week. She’s still sleeping fine at night (well, the same as ever — good sleep but several wakings to eat) and doesn’t seem crankier during the day, so I guess it’s alright.

– She’s also getting a lot better at keeping her pacifier in and has decided she likes it to help her fall asleep. It was a super effective soother in the hospital, and then she went through a period where it usually just made her angry, up until the past week or so. I’ve ordered her a Wubbanub, despite the silly name, because I think it’ll help her hold on to the pacifier even better. (She’s getting the turtle one from Amazon.)

– Rob and M and I went to Tobies for lunch yesterday, and M charmed the pants off everybody. I’ve always wondered if the waitresses realize that we’re local (Tobies is the halfway point between the cities and Duluth, so they must see a ton of faces, since people make it a pit stop), and I found out when one of them said, ‘You had the baby!’ M is pretty dang content to sit on my lap and soak it all in. As I was getting her ready to leave, she was giving big grins to a couple of the ladies, and our waitress claimed that M was the best baby she’d ever had at a table.

– So, obviously I’ve seen the Newsstand app on my iPad, but I never really thought about the fact that I could subscribed to magazines. It’s the best of all worlds, because I can have interesting magazines to look forward to, don’t have to have a bunch of print issues piling up, and I can read them in the dark, which is how I do most of my reading these days. I turn the lights off before M has her last bottle, which she leisurely drinks as she falls asleep, giving me plenty of time to page through books and magazines on the iPad. I’m pretty sure my reading has gone way up and my TV viewing way down since M was born — not what I expected!

p.s. — Today’s photo really shows off M’s big noggin. She’s around the 50th percentile for weight/length but 85th for head size!

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2 Responses to The Good Stuff

  1. Cyrene says:

    Get well soon Anna. At the end of 2013 I got a bad flu; it was the first in many years! I guess this is one of the good things about living alone in the middle of nowhere.
    M is growing so fast!

  2. Ali says:

    Hope you are feeling better quickly (and M escapes it entirely)! Big noggin babies are the best! ;)

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