The Usual (Baby Stuff)

All cuddled up with M and Birdy on Tuesday. It will be so interesting to see what sort of relationships develop between M and the pets as she gets older. Birdy has surprised me with not being bothered by loud baby cries, even though she’s usually quite timid with new sounds like that. But she’s happy to share the bed with M, although she keeps her distance, creeping around with her eyes narrowed when she gets too close to the baby (as though she’s expecting to be scolded). So I was surprised when she joined us the other day. She happily buried her head in M’s (swaddled) feet and snoozed for a while.

The other photo is M’s new toy kitty, which I spent more money on than was strictly necessary. Rob’s mum sent M some Moulin Roty booties when M was born, and I’ve been really enchanted by the brand since then. I had some extra money in my Amazon account, and the quality really is nice. M seems pretty happy with her new toy.

She’s twelve weeks old today, which is another Wonder Week. Other than being loath to nap for more than a half hour at a time (even in the wrap), I’m not seeing too much of the clingy/crying/fussiness. It’s hard to get food into her during the day, though, but that’s always been a challenge. She definitely behaves like it’s nighttime at night (she stays asleep / falls asleep easily after feeds and changes, doesn’t fuss), but she’ll down a 3-4-ounce bottle like it’s nothing. During the day, I’m lucky to get 2.5oz in her at a time, and she’s actually stopped after an ounce a few times — I’m not impressed with that! I think she’s just too busy and interested in what’s going on around her. We went to a diner today, and even though she was tired and hungry (because why nap or eat when you’ve got every opportunity to?), she quite happily sat on my lap and took things in the entire time. And she fell asleep on the ride home.

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5 Responses to The Usual (Baby Stuff)

  1. Jeanette says:

    oh no, does this mean you’ve discovered Moolka?

  2. Hello!

    Are you familiar with the Woombie swaddler – it allows the baby use of their arms to help hold up their head once they start to turn over. Wishing you and your lovely family a great weekend!


    Barbara Diane

    • Anna says:

      I have seen those! They’re pretty cute (or the babies in them are), but they seem really narrow at the hip, like they’d stop baby’s legs falling open as they should. I think/hope that by the time M outgrows her current swaddles, she’ll be ready to sleep with her arms out!

  3. Ali says:

    I love reading the updates on M. She sounds so familiar to me and it takes me back in time! M has such a sweet snuggle-face in the photo :)

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