Family Room Shuffle

Yesterday, I used my free time during swing naps to move stuff around in the family room. It’s such a big room that I’ve had trouble making sense of the space, but it occurred to me that I could use a couple of the existing Expedit bookcases to form a room divider. So that’s what I did. I still have to figure out how to anchor these to make them extra secure — I’m thinking the two room divider ones should get anchored together, and then anchored to the one perpendicular to them (against the wall). That would make it pretty hard for them to topple over. One perk of having them freestanding like this is that I can put books on both sides (since most books only fill up half the shelf, depth-wise).

So now I have a little ‘office’ area and a space for M to sleep in the swing while I keep an eye on her. The other side of the room is still a disaster, but I can’t see it from my desk!

The other end is unchanged, with the futon, etc. This is such a nice spot to sit when the weather is fine and mild. You might remember that we got this new patio door last year, and it has a screen door to let in the breeze on warm days. The new bookcase set-up is even with the bit of wall that juts out to make this corner, so now there’s a four-foot-ish-wide ‘doorway’. It feels like a nice, bright little room when you sit on the futon.

And here’s (slightly blurry) M in her dino jammies that Mo sent her. They fit now! M had one long nap in her swing yesterday, then a 45-er, and by the third nap, she just sat there and looked at me. It became clear that she wasn’t going to fall asleep, so I took her out, swaddled her, and offered her the rest of her bottle in my bed. That did the trick, and she conked out, but not before turning to nuzzle her face into my body as much as possible. Lesson learned — swings are fine for a while, but she needs her cuddles, too! I was able to stretch out and relax while she slept, and Birdy came to join us — what a rare treat. (M had another good nap in the swing today, and now she’s in the wrap again. It’s nice to have options!)

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2 Responses to Family Room Shuffle

  1. Ann says:

    Every one of these photos looks like the coziest thing I can imagine.

  2. grama bep says:

    my entire house would fit into that room!! xoxo

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