Weekend Away

We have returned to Hinckletown! There was a mini dibling get-together planned for Sunday, so M and I went down to my parents’ place for a long weekend. I snapped this photo on my phone Friday morning, when I was packing while M amused herself in Pillow Mountain. She’s starting to grab her feet and spends a lot of time staring at them. She also likes to put her hands in her mouth, take them out and inspect them, and then put them back in. Wiring together all the senses.

M definitely doesn’t appreciate her routine being thrown out of whack, but she was still pretty charming while we were away. She did especially well at the get-together, taking in all the new faces for a while and then falling asleep in her wrap. When we got home right at her bedtime, she transitioned smoothly back into her routine, telling me a bit about everything while she had her bedtime bottle.

And right now she’s asleep in her new-old swing! A friend was looking to clear out some of her baby stuff, so this swing came home with us. I put M in it when I knew she’d be getting tired, and she just sat quietly for about ten minutes, looking at me. Then we had a stare down, and she slowly drifted off to sleep. As effective as wrap naps have been (super effective!), I just can’t keep carrying her around all day when I’m already tired. I want her to still be able to enjoy the closeness of the wrap, so hopefully we can work out a pattern of wrap naps and swing naps throughout the day. (p.s. — I’ve added the extra head rest to the swing, so she won’t be so slumpy next time!)

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5 Responses to Weekend Away

  1. Ali says:

    So glad that all of you were able to get together, I’m a bit jealous of how often the MN diblings get together.

  2. Lora says:

    Her smile is the cutest!! I can’t get over it!

  3. Kara says:

    Yeah! Good naps while saving our back! Congratulations! Swings are excellent things. You are doing a great job!

  4. em says:

    I could just eat her up.

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