Now that we’ve been home for a little over two weeks, it’s interesting to see how the pets are adapting. (And, of course, they also had their routines shaken up while M was in the hospital, since they had to come down to my parents’ house!) Things will definitely change as M becomes more interactive and starts to notice the cats and dogs, but for now it’s interesting to see what they think of this sometimes-noisy little lump.

Nova is the most fascinated, and she’s done much better than I would have given her credit for beforehand. She definitely wanted to lick the baby all over at first, but she minded well when we told her ‘no licks’, and she’s settled for occasionally sniffing the back of M’s head. She can be quite watchful when M is fussing in her Rock ‘n’ Play when I’m momentarily busy, and I’ll turn around to see Nova watching M and then giving me a look like, ‘What do you think it wants?’ We were all down at my parents’ house last week, and I let Sasha (one of their big dogs) sniff M from behind a pet gate. Sasha was very gentle, but when she got to M’s head (having started her sniffing at the toes), Nova growled at her. I think M is going to have a fast friend as she gets older!

Little Henny seems indifferent about the new addition — she doesn’t react when M cries, etc — but I can tell she misses the amount of attention she used to get. Out of all the pets, she’s the least likely to budge in if she wants pets. Instead, she spends most of her day snoozing on her own. That’s not really so different from her life pre-baby (by her own choice, of course), but I feel bad that I don’t currently have as much time to cuddle with her.

Beany is less interested in the baby than I had predicted. She would rather just sit on my lap, which is usually occupied, these days. Since I won’t let her sit ON the baby (which is what she used to do to Birdy when Birdy was really little and on my lap), she often sidles up to me instead. I think once M starts behaving more like a human person, Beany will fall in love with her.

Birdy is doing pretty well. I got the photo of her above when I was in bed to take a nap while my mom watched M upstairs. Birdy’s daily routine hasn’t been disturbed too much (hang out downstairs / under my bed, occasionally appear upstairs), and she doesn’t seem too bothered by the baby. I mean, she doesn’t want M to get too close or anything, but she’s willing to lie on one end of the bed so long as M stays at the other. Which is more than can be said about Birdy and most other humans!

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3 Responses to Petses

  1. Hello!

    Wishing you and your beautiful little family a wonderful Thanksgiving! Beautiful baby, lovely home and sweet pets! What more is there to life! :<) Take care.


    Barbara Diane

  2. laurie says:

    won’t be long they will all be fast friends and probably M’s protectors! Take care Anna, rest when you can, you’ve been through so much,

  3. Mo says:

    Once you get babies *and* cats in photos together, you win the Internet!!

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