T Minus ??

Have you ever seen a happier cat? We often tease Beany about trying to fit into boxes that are clearly too small for her, but it seems she’s found a way, after all. I found her like this when I came up from doing some chores downstairs — she was so pleased with herself.

And then I found her here this afternoon — in the cargo basket of the stroller that arrived today. I wasn’t going to buy a BOB stroller (Revolution SE, which is supposed to be good on dirt roads) right away, since Baby M won’t be able to use it until she’s older — and until it’s not wintery outside. But I was able to get a good deal on it with my registry discount, and it’ll make a good ‘Something You Need’ gift for Christmas. I took it out of the box to let it air out when it got here, and Beany apparently found the perfect hiding spot. Remember to always check for stowaway cats before you leave the house!

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6 Responses to T Minus ??

  1. laurie says:

    I came to check and see if you had gone to hospital yet, lol, such a happy cat, I think the stroller has been claimed!
    I think this would be a good weekend to have a baby, lol,

  2. krista says:

    You’ll love the BOB, especially in winter. It handles snow wonderfully. We have the sheepskin liner in ours and it does make things much comfier too and adds some insulation. We also do the weather cover when it’s really cold.

    This waiting game at the end can be mentally exhausting, even when you’ve prepared yourself to expect that the baby will be late. My first two were early. My second two were a week overdue. I thought I’d go crazy! I hope things get started for you soon so you can meet your little girl.

  3. JustMe says:

    I LOVE pictures of cats in boxes. My phone is full of them. Also, I have a soft spot for grey cats. Oh, and my cat totally hangs out in the under basket of our stroller. My friend was worried about cat hair in the stroller and I was like, um, cat hair is just a part of life in this house. He better get used to it.

    p.s. Your comment on my blog the day before we ended up in Labor and Delivery was a bit ironic, no? I read it while in the hospital, you saying “I have a feeling your boy may come before my girl.” haha…

  4. Kara says:

    I’m sure you know, but you can get a car seat adapter for the bob so you can snap her carseat right in. We had one and we used the jog stroller for her first walk and it has gotten almost daily use since (she is closing in on 2). In the winter (admittedly not as cold here as it gets there for you), I snuggled her in with blankets and used one of those microwave beanbag things to keep this inside of her carseat warm (I put it where it had no chance of touching her or falling on her so she wouldn’t get burned or hit) and with the canopy of the carseat and the canopy of the jog stroller, she was in a nice nest. It was a wonderful way to get out of the house during those first few weeks. If you can get Beany out of it, of course!

    • Anna says:

      I did think about that adapter, but I can’t see using the stroller until the spring, anyway. The roads here aren’t clear enough to safely walk around in the winter (plus it’s usually cold enough that *I* don’t want to be outside!), and it’s not like there are big stores/malls to wander around with a stroller. Good suggestions, though! I think it might be a bummer to be stuck inside with a new little baby when it’s so cold out, but maybe there will be some nice days, and I can wrap her up in a carrier and put on extra layers over us both!

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