T Minus 3

Wait, you’re supposed to give pets less attention in order to prepare them for the arrival of a new baby? Whoops. The cats love to take naps with me — Birdy especially, which is nice, since she’s not particularly cuddly otherwise. I wound up having one cat wedged against my front and another against my back, and since I was under the covers and they were on top, I was basically trapped by about eighteen pounds of fluff.

I think Beany once heard that the best way to avoid injury in an accident is to stay loose and limp, and she’s gone on to apply that technique to her entire life. When I tried to move her to free myself, she went completely floppy and let me tip her on her back and drag her up to my chin, where she then fell back to sleep. Silly Beans. I think the cats are going to enjoy the addition of a new nap buddy!

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2 Responses to T Minus 3

  1. JustMe says:

    Love this photo! And look at your beautiful lips!

  2. katie says:

    I dreamt last night that you had your baby. So you will make my dream come true! (ha ha)

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