Birdy and the Bathroom

Oh no! I wrote this yesterday and then managed to not hit ‘publish’! Here’s a little Birdy cat having a cuddle. She’s really surprised me this week. Instead of going into hiding from sun-up to sun-down because of the workmen, she’s been lounging under the sofa in the morning and then slinking out when the afternoon hours roll around. Even though she can still hear the guys working downstairs, she doesn’t seem too bothered by it. In fact, she gets extra lovey and sweet and wants to sit on my lap, purring. I’m sure the extra cuddles are for reassurance that everything is okay, but that’s not her usual modus operandi. Anyway, she’s a nice cat.

Why couldn’t I have chosen an easier room to photograph for renovating? As the bathroom gets closer to being finished, it’s looking SO good and SO not like a dimly-lit closet, yet I really struggle to make it look that way in a photo. It’s not just a matter of white balance (but now that everything is white, it sure doesn’t help), so I’m not sure what to do short of getting a professional lighting crew in there. Oh well.

The vanity and toilet went in today, and they hung my mirror, too, as you can see. I think I will glue a short piece of 1×4 in the middle, towards the top, which will keep the mirror from leaning back the way it’s currently doing. And some velcro along the wainscoting trim and the back of the mirror will help stabilize it. I’m not worried about it falling down — it’s hanging securely from a stud — but it’s pretty wiggly when you try to clean it.

The rest of the tile went up in the shower surround, and it’ll be grouted on Monday (they’ll also power-buff the floor tile and then seal it). There was some debate about how to finish the corner where the tile meets the wainscoting, especially since the strip of wall at the corner (on the wainscoting side) had been cut away up above for the Durock or something. We decided to have the border tile wrap around — it’s a little quirky, but I think it’ll actually look very nice once there’s grout sealing up that entire corner edge.

It’s a shame that a door has to go on that closet, since it makes the bathroom feel so much bigger now that it looks like a real part of the room. But an open closet wouldn’t be good for much, as far as I’m concerned. I still have to go around and touch up the raw ends of trim and all the nail holes I already filled with spackle, never mind the work the guys have yet to do to finish up the tiling. But then the fun stuff starts! (Putting everything back into place, adding decorative details, taking a bath.)

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2 Responses to Birdy and the Bathroom

  1. JustMe says:

    The bathroom looks great!! So clean and classic and a bit farmhouse in a good way. And I am impressed with your photographs (as always)…you are right that it is hard to get a picture of a room like that, but it looks great!

  2. Kristin says:

    The subway tile looks fantastic! Actually the whole room is fantastic! You have impeccable taste – I love it :)

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