Here’s a boring photo of my closet and dresser! Getting them organized felt like quite an achievement, so I had to document it. And since it still looks like this, like, half a week later, I think it’s fair to say that I’m a big success. I didn’t bring all that much clothing from the Minneapolis house in the big move last month — most of what I wear on a regular basis was already here in Hinckley, after all. But there was enough that I had to get a little creative.

Clothing accumulation is one of the things I find most disappointing. I’ve probably said this here before (I certainly say it often enough in real life), but I’m not at all a clothes horse — yet the clothes seem to pile up so quickly! I set aside bags and bags of old stuff for donation when I was packing in Minneapolis, though. And I could probably EASILY make do with half of what I’ve kept, so I wouldn’t have to store it, but there’s that feeling of being sure I’ll want it as soon as I no longer have it.

I think 2011 was the year I went without buying new clothes, and I’ve been a little bit more moderate since then. Now that I live in Hinckley, I can’t really go to Target for one thing and wind up with a full cart. And I think I’ve just gotten more realistic with looking at something and judging how often I’ll wear it. As unglamorous as it makes me sound, I’ve bought a couple of new hoodies this year because I know I put on a sweatshirt when I go out most of the time (I don’t mind hot summer weather except that I miss wearing hoodies). Pretty much all the maternity stuff I’ve bought are tops and bottoms that I’ll probably wear forever. Oh stretchy waistband I can pull up to my eyeballs, I’ll love you always.

What do you do to keep the clothing item count down? In theory, I love the idea of only having a few, high-quality pieces. I bought some Sorel rain boots recently using that philosophy. They weren’t the cheapest, but they’re super sturdy, super warm, and should last for decades. (My poor future-teenaged daughter with the mother in hole-y maternity leggings and scuffed up old boots.) What else is worth having one really nice version of?

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  1. Lorraine Carmichael says:

    A winter coat that is versatile and an across the body bag, you’re going to need your hands free in the future.

    • Anna says:

      Those are good ones, and I can already cross them both off my list! I bought a great winter coat (and a spring/autumn one as well) at REI a couple of years ago. And I’ve always been about messenger-style bags — who’s got time to carry things in their paws?

  2. Cyrene says:

    Here are my two cents. When I was living in London and working in “a prestigious” company, I bought lots of expensive clothes, though I’ve never ran into debt or over done it. Then I moved to Italy and I changed. I became more conscious of what is happening in the world and the damage we do to this beautiful planet by our insatiable consumerism and I vowed to never buy new clothes again. A

    Still, I kept lots of the expensive bags and shoes I bought when was still living in London. Then in 2011 I had to leave the house where I had been living in for few years and I panicked and got so overwhelmed by all the clothes that I’ve never wore and decided to give them away. I gave most of the expensive stuff but still have few pieces which I would love to sell to generate some money.
    I’m proud to say I have done it and I only get secondhand clothes and shoes from my friend who lives in London. I have been thinking about writing a post about this on my blog and I will. And I will include lots of photos :)

    • Anna says:

      I’m looking forward to that post! I suppose I went through a similar thing — living in London and then even in Minneapolis, where I went out more often with friends and wanted to look a particular way. I’ve also been a variety of sizes over the past decade, which doesn’t help! It’s easier now to let go of the dressier stuff and keep what’s comfortable and functional.

  3. Karen sue says:

    I don’t have a lot of fashion sense. Or maybe truer is I don’t care most o the time. I have some classics in my closet and plenty of clothes that have been around for quite a long time. The more you have in there,the harder it is to get ready and don’t you find that you wear mostly the same favorite things anyway?

    • Anna says:

      Very true! I’ve got a lot of v-neck or scoop-neck t-shirts that I wear around the house (with soft knit trousers or sweatpants) or into town on errands (with jeans), and then if I’m going somewhere like the doctor, I tend to wear leggings and a dress. Narrowing the selection definitely makes it easier!

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