Packed Up

The Minneapolis house is ready for the movers next week. I wound up with more boxes than I was hoping for, but fewer storage bins that I had expected. So there shouldn’t be a big problem with storing stuff — I’ll just have to find room for all the ‘everyday’ junk. Good luck, me. There’s some furniture that I don’t have room for but that I want to hang on to, and that will go into the barn/garage. None of it is upholstered, so I’m hoping it won’t get too gross if it’s wrapped in plastic.

When I got back to Hinckley, I found that the builders had put the windows into Rob’s new room above the garage! They’ve been drywalling it, and it’s starting to look like a real room now.

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4 Responses to Packed Up

  1. laurie says:

    best of luck on the move, gosh thats a beautiful garage and addition, I love the stonemay work, it compliments the color of the building so well,

  2. laurie says:

    auto correct thinks I meant stoneway, isn’t that interesting, I meant stone work

  3. Cyrene says:

    Best of luck Anna with the move. Are you feeling a bit sad for leaving your little yellow house? I alway feel sad during and after moving out.

    • Anna says:

      At the moment, I’m not sad at all. Partly that’s because the Minneapolis house has been a drag on my energy and attention (having to check up on it, etc), so I’ll just be glad to have it off my hands. And partly it’s just because I love being in Hinckley so much. I always thought I’d be very reluctant to leave my little house, but being in the country makes it 100% worth it!

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