Happy Hinckley house! Our one-year houseiversary isn’t until March 30th, but Rob’s got a friend flying in to visit today, so I figure it’s okay to celebrate a few days early, just so there’s an extra cake-eating person around. Plus, I just finished playing Portal (Rob got an Xbox recently, and I’m not a first-person shooter kind of person, but Portal is fun), so there’s a particular need for cake that is not a lie.

Usually I’d look forward to the opportunity to try out an interesting cake/frosting recipe, but I actually went entirely store-bought this time. I voted for yellow cake, and Rob picked out the can of frosting that came with sprinkles. Box cake is so fluffy, and canned frosting is so gloopy — I just about lost my mind (and big pieces of the cake) when I was trying to do the crumb coat. So I went with stars for the whole thing. I kind of love it. It’s a small cake — a 9×13″ cut in half to make two layers, so it’s also quite tall for its size, which makes it look particularly house-y. Success.

We’ve done soooo much to the house over the past year, and I can only hope we will do less than half as much in the coming year!

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4 Responses to Cake!

  1. laurie says:

    Oh my gosh has it been a year! It seems like yesterday! Congratulations on your first year, heres to many more happy years to come,

  2. Momma says:

    Looks Yummy AND cute!! Congrats on the anniversary. xo

  3. Cyrene says:

    Happy houseiversary to both of you :)

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