Cat Artifact

Cat was here. (Which reminds me — when the workermen were doing the geothermal installation downstairs, I discovered a ‘Kilroy was here’-style drawing on my chalkboard door, tucked amidst a ton of measurements and sketches I’d made for the wooden dog crate.) It’s been a long time since I’ve discovered a cat burrow, created by Birdy. I’d sort of forgotten about her knack for making these until a couple of days ago. Yesterday, inspired by this earlier discovery, I threw a blanket over her (she usually sleeps on my bed most of the day), and she was happy as a potato in a pierogi (an awesome saying I just made up) for the rest of the afternoon.

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One Response to Cat Artifact

  1. laurie says:

    nothing like a cat burrow! Love those moccasins too, we are a family of moccasin wearers, they make beauties here in our area, the Ojibway people sell them everywhere here, have a wonderful weekend ,

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