I got some accidental moccasins today! My dad bought these but mistakenly ordered the women’s size instead of the men’s, so they fit me instead of him. As he reminded me today, he wore a pair of Minnetonka moccasins just like these year-round when he was in college. I’ll be waiting until the summer (they’re soft-soled). (By the way, if your eye, like mine, is drawn to the horribly wrinkled skin on my ankle, rest assured that it’s just thanks to the wool socks I had been wearing and not some sort of early-ankle-aging disorder. Why did I even bother mentioning that? Oh well, too late now.)

Because Henny’s dental cleaning was up in Askov (about thirty minutes north of here), I spent part of the day at my parents’ cabin (halfway there), which is where the moccasins were waiting for me. Henny’s cleaning went well — they did have to extract one molar, so I was surprised that they said her teeth were in good shape for her age and breed. Little dogs are really prone to problems with their teeth, and I know that a lot of puppy mill rescues have multiple teeth pulled before they’re even put up for adoption. So maybe Henny really was lucky. Brushing never made a difference to the tartar before, but now it will keep her teeth super shiny.

Poor, dopey Henny broke my heart when I picked her up, but she was happy to get home and was back to normal pretty quickly. I have to give her liquid antibiotics and painkillers for the next few days, which should be interesting — but my main experience with administering liquid meds has been with cats, and nothing can be more difficult than that.

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3 Responses to Moccasins

  1. Cyrene says:

    haha, I really didn’t notice the wrinkled skin until you mentioned it. Are the moccasins handmade? And I like your jean legging.

    Glad that Henny is doing well and forgot her unpleasant experience at the vet.

    • Anna says:

      There’s definitely some machine stitching on the moccasins, but I suppose they could be machine-stitched by hand, if that makes sense. I’m not really sure. The leggings are actually just grey (Hipstamatic made them look blue) — I waffle about getting denim-colored ones. I really only wear them with dresses, so I think it might look funny with jean-leggings. Maybe?

      • Cyrene says:

        I do agree with you about wearing leggings under a dress; it is shocking to me to see people, women and girls, wearing them as trousers! I mean, hello, spear us the unsightly bits please. I would feel naked wearing them without a dress on.

        Anyway, I guess some people have no common sense whatsoever!

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