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I made some cookies today, using this monster cookie recipe. I didn’t have any M&Ms, but I put chocolate, butterscotch, and peanut butter chips in, along with pecans. They’re pretty awesome.

The workermen have been working on framing Rob’s new room above the garage. This was after the first day (last week), during which they took down the sheetrock from the garage ceiling and removed all the insulation (and a pile of spiders, I should think). Today, they reinforced the beams, and I think they started on the upper parts of the trusses, too. Obviously, most of those cross-braces have to go, so there’s a lot of re-engineering going on. It should be a pretty large space when they’re done (it looks much smaller here than it is in real like — it’s a three-car garage, after all), and it will be cool to have a whole new room at one end of the house. (Even if it is just for Rob and has a ‘No Girls Allowed’ sign on the door.)

This isn’t the most interesting photo of my bedroom (my bed is hardly even made), but I just wanted to mention that I’ve switched out my wool Henny blanket (no relation to the brown dog) for this quilt made by my great-great-grandma (my grandma’s grandma). Isn’t that kind of crazy? My grandma gave it to me last year, I think, and the fabric/patchwork was in good shape, but the batting was completely lumpy and uneven. So I took it apart (it was just tied with bits of yarn), resandwiched it up with new batting, and then I quilted and bound it. It’s nice and sturdy now, and I think it’s pretty great to pull it up over the rest of the blankets when I get cold at night. Just a little great-great-grandma + great-great-granddaughter teamwork in action.

Oh, and here are some pets. Nova was sleeping on the back of the sofa this morning, and Beany came by like it was no big deal. The puppy was suspicious, but Beany was all, ‘Don’t mind me! Just going to knead some biscuits here for a sec — then I’ll be out of your hair.’ But Nova was right not to trust her, because a minute later, Beany turned around and pushed her off. Them’s the breaks, puppy — everybody knows Beany is Queen of the Pets.

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2 Responses to iPhone Photos

  1. Cyrene says:

    Anna, your cookies look so yummy and sound healthy too. I have to admit though the ones in the recipe (I clicked on the link) look ghastly to me. sugar overload.

    • Anna says:

      Ha, ha — mine are just as sugary. They’re not a healthy cookie by any stretch of the imagination! Although I suppose they use rolled oats as the grain instead of white flour (I used whole wheat for the flour portion).

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