Always Dogs

More dog talk. I wish Henny’s face wasn’t half shaded in this photo, but it’s hard to explain to dogs about light and contrast (or maybe they just don’t care). Work has started on Rob’s new room — converting the space above the garage into an office-y type place. The guys were tearing down the ceiling in the garage to gain access, and now that I’ve seen the trusses, I’m really curious to see how they’re going to replace them in order to support both the room and the new floor!

Anyway, the noises were quite disturbing to Henny today. (Side note: Henny wore the citronella collar this morning when I was expecting the workmen to drive up, and it kept her from barking her head off. Nova sat quietly at the top of the stairs, because — however unlikely it seems — she appears to have become an ex-barker. She really doesn’t like that collar!) I was reading a submission today, and Henny came over several times when the banging out in the garage startled her. She actually wanted to be picked up at one point and then settled down on the sofa with Nova and me. And then the three of us took a nap, because what’s even the point of working from home if you don’t do that?

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