Snow Patterns

We have a pretty good layer of snow right now, and it’s also been really windy, so there are all sorts of cool patterns and snow dunes going on. I pretty much like winter, I’ve decided, provided I get to decide when I go outside.

Two dog things: Both of them trotted into their crate last night at bedtime. Nova didn’t want to go outside the last time (she’d been out about half an hour before that), so I wasn’t able to do my usual catching of her as she came in through the door. She was playing runaway-hide-y dog, but when I told Henny it was time to go to bed, both dogs followed me down the hallway. Suspicious, but nice.

And then today, both the UPS man and the USPS lady had to drive up to the house and drop things off, and Nova didn’t bark her head off! She barked once, the first time, but I asked her if she needed to put her collar on, and she went quiet. And she didn’t make a peep the second time, just sat at the top of the stairs and kept an eye on things. Excellent. Henny might be due for a round with the citronella collar, now, because she was the bad, barky dog for a change.

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