Winter Walk

When I started living in Minneapolis, I noticed how my little corner of the world felt so much bigger when the weather was nice — because I spent time in the yard. So that even truer here at the Hinckley house. It’s nice to look at the view every day, but it’s not the same as being out there, mowing the lawn, tending the garden, and just going for walks around the property. When it’s cold and snowy, the world definitely feels smaller.

But today I decided that, hey! Winter’s not the boss of me! I put on my boots and did some tramping through the snow. I explored the wooded area on the southwest corner of our acreage, which includes this big red pine that somebody obviously used to climb (not this somebody!).

Unlike the red pine that out in the field, this one has the more typical bottom die-off that comes from being surrounded by other trees. I actually thought the entire tree might be dead/dying, but then I saw the the top is still green. I like this broken, weathered branch, which was lower down.

It’s been really cold lately (today felt nice, at about 18F), but other than the temperature, there’s not much reason NOT to spend a lot of time in exploring the woods. This is by far the easiest time to get around in there — autumn wasn’t too bad, but it’s nicer walking on packed snow than on spongey, dead-ish sphagnum moss, which covers most of the ground in this particular area. I didn’t even bother trying to go into the woods during the summer last year, because the vegetation was just too thick.

But no leaves and weeds right now. Just a decent layer of snow and some pinecones.

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  1. Hello!

    Winter’s NOT the boss of you! :<) Love the photos – brings back memories of climbing trees when I was a child. We had no fear – the higher the better! Wishing you a great week! We just keep getting snow and more snow in this part of WI.


    Barbara Diane

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