Birdy and the Pets

Look who came over for cuddles today! I’m not exaggerating at all when I say it’s been at least four months since Birdy’s been on my lap. There have been a few times when she’s sat on the arm of the sofa, right next to me, but if I tried to pick her up and make her cuddle, she’d scream and run away. Birdy loves her some histrionics. So I was really surprised when she crawled onto my lap today, and she seemed perfectly content to lie there and be petted (see: relaxed airplane ears). I’m hoping this is a sign that she’s gradually forgiving me for inviting a puppy into the house.

Speaking of the puppy, I have to take a photo of her (and Henny) in the new dog crate. They sleep in there together at night, and Henny’s been much more comfortable from the start than I expected her to be. When I let the dogs in after their last potty run of the night, I always scoop Nova up as soon as she comes through the door (otherwise she’ll hide under furniture to delay going to bed). I used to have to pick Henny up, too, but she’s suddenly remembered what ‘go to bed’ means. One night, the door to their crate was mostly shut, and I got to my bedroom to see her patiently waiting in front of it. So I think that’s the Henny seal of approval.

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2 Responses to Birdy and the Pets

  1. Kitty says:

    It’s funny how some cats will jump onto your lap the minute you sit down and others tend to sit next to you (perhaps very close but still only next to you).
    I never thought of referring the relaxed state as airplane ears! Very fitting.

  2. Cyrene says:

    Birdy is just like my cat Luna; unlike Kiwi, who would jump into my lap as soon as I’m on the sofa, she would jump onto her sleeping/hiding place (on top of the hutch) as soon as she had eaten!

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