Love Cats

Beany and Birdy couldn’t be more different when it comes to dealing with people. Beany is shameless in her pursuit of attention, whereas Birdy has discovered that she can hide underneath my bathtub (accessing it from the utility room) at the first sound of a stranger in the house. I guess it’s just her personality, because I’ve had her since she was an itty bitty kitty, and certainly nothing has ever happened to her that would have put her off people.

If a friend visits and stays a while, she’ll sometimes creep up from the basement, if there isn’t much noise. For some reason, she’s never warmed up to my mom, who only ever sees flashes of Birdy as she runs away. She’s been hot and cold (well, lukewarm and cold) with Rob; sometimes she’ll let him pet her, and other times she takes being looked at by him as an affront. This time, though, she trotted upstairs just a few minutes after Rob and I got back from the airport. And she’s been much more outgoing lately, to the point of playing (!) with the puppy (!). So I think Birdy has decided there’s somebody else in the world she likes. The list goes Beany, then a large gap before me, and then a smaller gap before Rob. Who knows where the dogs are on her list…

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2 Responses to Love Cats

  1. laurie says:

    beautiful luvvy cat photo, we had a cat that looked just like Birdy, I miss him.My daughter’s cat George disappears when anyone enters the house, I am the only person he will come see, he is 18 and very arthritic, he comes staggering out every time i come through the door .I love George, he has always been a bit fearful of noise and strangers but is the most loving fella one could ever find,, and as fierce as a lion when animals come around the patio door, growling and spitting, strange cats are aren’t they, Have a wonderful holiday season, you and your whole family, humans and critters, those mince pies look wonderful!

  2. Cyrene says:

    That’s great improvement. My cats, Kiwi and Luna, vanish at the sight of anyone. I rarely have any guests but when a friend shows up, they just vanish. They won’t return home till the person has left. Now, I get a bit apprehensive about having guests; I just don’t my cats to freeze in the cold outside while I’m entertaining guests.

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