Cats vs Dogs

After thinking I like cats and dogs equally for most of my life, I decided a while back that I was definitely a ‘cat person’. Dogs are loud and in the way and surprisingly damp. But then I fostered and adopted Henny, so I softened a little bit. I love both her and Nova, but I still struggle to see the appeal of dogs (apart from the various duties certain dogs can perform). A pros list for dogs and cats (or at least my dogs and cats), as I see it:


– can go places with you, whether it’s for a ride in the car to the store or for a walk outside.
– are happy to see you when you come home.


– are really soft. They don’t have as many elbows and jabby feet as some animals.
– keep their mouths to themselves, for the most part.
– are happy-ish to see you when you come home, but they certainly won’t jump up on your legs when you’re wearing tights.
– are sooooo fluffy!
– do their potty business in a specified indoor location, on their own schedule, independently.
– smell nice, usually.
– don’t feel the need to alert you to the presence of every deer or passing vehicle (so don’t need to be taught not to).
– will let you trim their claws with minimal fuss (that might apply only to my cats, versus my dogs).

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3 Responses to Cats vs Dogs

  1. Cyrene says:

    Anna, I think you have cheated here, number 1 and 4 are the same, at least to me :) Soft and fluffy are kinda of.. umm .. same? Or maybe because English is not my mother tongue!
    I’ve always been a cat person and my obsession goes as far as believing that in another life I was a cat because every time I see a cat I have this overwhelming feeling of happiness that I can’t explain. strange, eh? I know and I’m embarrassed to admit this now. :)

    • Anna says:

      My language wasn’t very precise! The first time, I meant that cats’ bodies aren’t so bony and angular as dogs’ — even svelte Beany has more padding, so she feels softer. The second was with reference to cats’ fur.

      And don’t let cat shaming get to you! Some of the most amazing minds in recent history have had strong bonds with cats.

  2. Cyrene says:

    Thanks Anna that made me feel normal. Maybe I should tell you about the lingua franca I devised and use to communicate with cats. :)

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