Bookcases and Bookcases

Do you remember when I mentioned putting together a zillion bookcases a while back? They’re in the family room. Rob and I had talked about lining the two ‘outside’ walls with shelves, because there can never be too much storage (and this house, as big as it is, is strangely lacking in storage space). Plus, we both have a lot of books. I should say that I have a lot of books; Rob has TOO MANY BOOKS. (Just kidding — no such thing!) The cases that are empty are waiting for him to ship his books over.

These walls, since they’re part of the foundation of the house, have a ledge that’s an inconvenient 54-ish inches high, which is not a height that bookcases come in. Oh, to have a 48″-high ledge or one that’s 72″ (no, that would be too high for a ledge). The closest I could find was Ikea’s Expedit, which is 58.5″ tall (roughly). Since they don’t have backs, I had to do some clever affixing of painted boards above the level of the ledge. That left a trench behind the bookcases, so I threw some rope lights back there for ambiance. (That’s why I took a photo in low light — it’s so cozy in the early morning with just the non-overhead lights turned on.) I should point out that the shelves actually don’t come up higher than the bottoms of the windows — I just used a short tripod (okay, carpeted cat tree), so the photo was taken from below eye level.

The long wall (on the right, of which you can’t see the entire length) fit six 4×4 and one 2×4 Expedits perfectly (the numbers are how many cubby holes the cases have, not the dimensions in feet). They’re seriously wedged in. The short wall has two 4×4 Expedits, and then I had to bust out my saws and drills and wave them crazily in the air build another unit that’s 23″ wide. The shelves line up with the Ikea ones, so it looks pretty good from a distance. Up close, you can see that I (well, the nice men at Home Depot) could not for the life of me (them) match the color of the Expedits (I should have just used black; it would have looked better), but never mind — the custom shelf fits my turntable.

I cannot WAIT to see these filled up with books. I’ve been bring back a few boxes here and there, but the real mother lode will be Rob’s collection. People are going to think we’re craaaazy smart! For now, I’ve recently started doing yoga here in the mornings. It’s still mostly dark outside, and the lighting is conducive to relaxation. The only challenge is tuning out the cats chasing each other and trying to keep my balance no matter where the puppy decides to perch herself on my body.

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  1. Hello!

    The end result of you bookcase project is fantastic – you are so creative and skilled! I love the look and I am sure that it will be your favorite place not only in the early morning but all day in the winter months! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos of your life – I do enjoy them and check your blog every day! You have a beautiful home! Wishing you a happy week!


    Barbara Diane

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