More Clean Food + Pets

I tried this recipe for lunch today — I’d never heard of shakshouka before, but the photo jumped out at me. And I was hooked when I saw that it uses ‘canned’ diced tomatoes (the recipe recommends boxed, presumably because of the BPA in a lot of commercial food tins). I have six pint jars of tomatoes that I canned this summer but no plans for them! I halved the recipe (and then put half of it in the fridge before cooking the egg in my single portion), and that used almost all of one of my jars. With the artichoke hearts and red pepper, this dish has a lot of flavor. The egg yoke goes so well with the tomato broth and artichokes, but I guess this is something that northern Africa has known about for a while! (I would agree if you said there could/should be more saucy tomato-y-ness in this — next time!)

And I made these oatmeal cookies yesterday, except I put raisins in mine instead of chocolate. I used quick-cook oats, and they have that cake-y texture that lower-fat baked good usually have, so they’re not like a ‘regular’ oatmeal cookie. I don’t have anything against a little more fat, so if I make these again, I’ll add more almond butter or oil. They’re quite enjoyable just as whatever they are (instead of pining for a conventional cookie) — they’re sweetened entirely with honey, and they have a great flavor, especially with the cinnamon.

And then we have some pets. I’m not sure what brought on this pile-up today, but everybody wanted to cuddle at the same time. They’re so sweet. I had to run an errand this afternoon, and when I opened the garage door, Henny got craaazy excited, running all around. So she and I had a special Henny-Anna outing, while Nova stayed home (she does great in the car, but I think it makes her more nervous than excited). And then we came home, and everybody had a cuddle. (Except Birdy, who would never participate in such a thing.)

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  1. tinajo says:

    Such cute animals, both the dogs and the cat! I have the dog- and cat combination at home too. :-)

  2. Cyrene says:

    Oh, I love Shakshouka; I grew up eating it for light supers or brunches. There is another vegetarian dish that I haven’t seen any where else; it is called Tabahij (love the name) it consists of grilled veggies, such as eggplants, potatoes, bell pepper, zucchini or any other veggie of your choice. slice the veggies then grill or fry in oil, then prepare the tomato sauce with fresh or canned diced tomato, some tomato paste, cumin, carawya seeds, chili, salt, garlic (lots of garlic, hehe), then drop the grilled/fried veggie in the sauce and simmer for few mins, sprinkle with coriander , then devour with fresh bread or rice. Divine. it is a childhood favorite as well.

  3. Cyrene says:

    Hi Anna,
    I just googled Tabahij and some recipes came out! They are basic in my view and call for frying the veggies which can be too much. Better grilled after brushing with oil. It tastes better the second day and I love adding a dollop of Greek yogurt, plain or with some fresh herbs, olive oil and lemon juice. Eaten with nan bread is a must, hehe, in my books. Enjoy and please post a photo of it.

    I think i need to post some authentic traditional vegetarian dishes I grew up eating, like tomato soup with chickpeas and grilled red bell pepper, or a stew made from dry broad beans, turnips and chili. :)

    • Anna says:

      Thanks for the tips! I’ll look for a tasty-sounding recipe but keep in mind that I should grill rather than fry the vegetables (that appeals to me more, anyway). Now I really want to try it!

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