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Tada, tree! It looks so proportionate in this living room; it’s hard to imagine how it fit back in Minneapolis. No presents underneath until Christmas morning — otherwise the dogs would peek inside every one. Jamal always had a knack for finding his own presents and unwrapping them ahead of time, although he didn’t always get it right. So for now, it’s just the pet bed under the tree — looks like I’m getting a brown chihuahua dog for Christmas! Speaking of dogs…

I got Nova in the cat costume! I didn’t think I could get her to hold still long enough to get a non-blurry photograph, but I shouldn’t have underestimated the power of treats. She now knows ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘stay’ (well, we’re working on it), and ‘leave it’. She catches on to things quickly; I made her lie down and leave the food in her dish before breakfast/dinner a few times (she only has to wait about five seconds, but it’s the principle of the thing), and now she patiently does it every time.

Unrelated, but Beany just snuck onto my lap, making it difficult to type. Whenever I shoo her away when she wants to cuddle, she tries again, but moves suuuuuuper sloooooowly as she climbs onto my lap, as though maybe I won’t notice her. It’s so funny that it usually charms me, so I guess her tactic works.

And last in the unrelated topics of today’s post: sugar cookies. I needed one today, so I made a small batch. Then I ate one and remembered that they’re so sugary. And I didn’t even have food coloring here, so they’re not very exciting to look at. Still, sometimes you need a boring sugar cookie. It’s still a cookie, after all.

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3 Responses to Unrelated Topics

  1. Hello!

    It looks lovely! Wishing you all a happy weekend!


    Barbara Diane

  2. Cyrene says:

    I love the name Jamal for your family’s dog; it means beauty in Arabic, I’m sure you know this :)

  3. Koalisa says:

    Nice tree! I haven’t started on mine yet although I can’t wait to get into the Xmas spirit.

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