Holiday Decorating Retrospective

Last year, I started decorating for the holidays on the 9th of November, which is crazy early (I did take everything down two days after Christmas, though) — and I’m planning to make it a pattern. I’ve got my big white tree and box of decorations ready to be packed up for the ride to Hinckley, and I thought I’d take a look back at the decorating I’ve done over the years in my Minneapolis house.

This was the first Christmas in my new house — 2006. I had closed on the 18th of December and moved in on my birthday, the 22nd. I didn’t have internet or television for the first several days, so I listened to Minnesota Pulic Radio and made holiday decorations out of paper in the evenings.

In 2007, I actually got a real tree — if you’ll allow me to use ‘real’ to mean ‘plastic and white’. But it was more than paper taped to the wall. It was in my then-guest-room (which is now my bedroom), where I also did my work during the day. I think this was the extent of the holiday decorations in the house, though.

This was the first year I decorated a gingerbread house (2008) — which is still the best one I’ve done. The tree was out in the living room by this point, and I think there were other bits of decoration around, in addition to the tree. Also, I got a new iMac (for work, not for Christmas).

Look, a festive stereo for 2009! I’m not sure if I’ve got a better photo of the tree somewhere; I remember taking a bunch that wound up looking terrible. My previous years had been multi-color Christmases, but I went strictly red and white in 2009. Except for the knitted fox, obviously.

The tree looked the same in 2010, so I found a photo of other decor. You can see a couple of the paper houses I had made the previous year on one of the little shelves. Also: yetis, garlands, gifts to be gifted, festive cat.

There’s a non-iPhone photo of my 2011 Christmas tree here, but I took that before I added the red garland, which made it 100x better. The obvious: I upgraded to a much bigger (but still plastic and white!) tree, and I stayed faithful to my red and white scheme. I’d forgotten what a pain it is to assemble a fake tree like this one (my little one just bends at the branches), but it was so, so worth it.

This year, the Hinckley house is getting decked out for the holidays, and I’ve got so much more space to work with (and my holiday spirit grows exponentially from year to year, I’m pretty certain). So I’m sure I’ll be sharing the 2012 photos soon!

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2 Responses to Holiday Decorating Retrospective

  1. laurie says:

    I really like the white trees, I remember your big white one last Christmas, I think thats about the time I started reading your blog, not sure about that but I like the white! We are married now over thirty years and have always had a real tree, (welived in the bush all our lives) but now we find our selves in town, in a condo no less, 9 floors up!!we still face the water like our house so we are quite happy, but I think I will look for a white tree this year, they look so fresh and clean, your tree has influenced me this way.I really enjoy your excitement for Christmass in your Hinkley house, it will be a christmas to remember, the first ones in a new home always are in my opinion, I love christmas,

  2. I just realized I’ve been reading your blog since 2008 (I’ve been commenting every now and then under one name or another). Good times! :)

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