Food: Here and There

Food I bought today to bring back to Hinckley (either because it’s cheaper here or impossible to find there): two bunches of kale, three packages of organic tofu, two quarts of organic yogurt, two boxes of Kashi GoLean (SO much more expensive up north), almond milk, 8oz cartons of organic milk (I use cow’s milk only in my tea; I buy tiny containers so that it won’t go bad before I can use it all), and pitas.

This is an old photo (from March), but I didn’t have anything new from today. I’m going to call my neighbors about eggs when I get back to Hinckley, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t have a surplus, since the days are getting shorter. I’ve been so spoiled by having an egg ‘supplier’ just around the corner. And I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it, but there’s an orchard about five miles from the house that has been keeping the local supermarket stocked with Honeycrisps all fall. Also, there’s an apiary (a bee ‘farm’) at the end of the road, so we have honey in the pantry that’s super local. Those things sort of make up for having to stockpile that other stuff during my trips to the cities!

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3 Responses to Food: Here and There

  1. Cyrene says:

    Hello Anna,
    I’m just wondering, will you raise some chickens for eggs? I mean if you have the space it is the best thing to do; I too get my eggs from a local farmer but now I have to beg his wife to leave me 6 eggs per weeks, as I do not eat meat any more. Still I can not call myself vegetarian but I’m heading towards that direction (for some health issues I have to eat meat occasionally ) . If I will stay longer here, I will get some chickens for sure; too bad the place is not mine :(

    • Anna says:

      Once I’m in Hinckley full time, I’d like to get ducks for eggs, actually. They do better in the cold, and since we’ve got the pond out back, it makes sense. But I might wind up with chickens instead. My main concern is with predators; the neighbors mostly free range their hens, but they lose a few here and there.

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