More Kale Always!

I need to start eating more tofu, I think. I rely a lot on fake meat products for protein, because they’re easy to deal with, but they’re also a ton more processed. Plus, with burgers of any kind, it’s easy to get trapped into eating meals of burger-on-a-bun + chips, over and over again, which is boring. Plus-plus, I just really like tofu (and, I should say, other basic forms of protein, like tempeh and beans). Plus-cubed, it’s cheaper to use the basics. So that’s that. More simple food in my life! And more kale! (I don’t know; a person can always use more kale, right?)

The coffee table in the Hinckley living room has a top that lifts up on special hinges, so it’s higher and nearer to the sofa. When Rob’s gone, I often use it as a surface to put puzzles together. Then, if I don’t feel like sitting at the real table to eat, I just put a placemat over the puzzle and eat there. I get super fancy when nobody’s around.

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2 Responses to More Kale Always!

  1. laurie says:

    sounds good to me, we eat at the same table I sew and paint on, the table shares my easel and sewing machine most of the time, except when company comes, then we try to be more civilized.Since moving into town and taking this small nest we have made many changes and worry about pretense and proper have gone out the window, I think its so easy to fall into the preformed fake meat traps, they’re handy and yummy (mostly) but we have other options don’t we, your plate of food looks very yummy!

  2. Rachael K. says:


    Your post made me smile!

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