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Hey, I have a house in Minneapolis! Because it’s been so hot (and this house doesn’t have AC), I haven’t been spending all that much time here — I think the Hinckley House is actually started to feel more like ‘home’ now. But I’ve been wanting to make some changes to the feel of this house to make it seem less cluttered (it’s not particularly cluttered, but it’s much tighter quarters than the HH). I got my start on Thursday, when I finally broke down and put the AC unit in the living room window.

The way the room was arranged before, I couldn’t sit in the stream of air-conditioned coolness (and that’s all in produces — it doesn’t really cool the house down in any meaningful way), so I started shuffling things around. There aren’t a ton of configurations that work with this room + the big sofa, but I’ve liked having the HH living room furniture at an angle, so I gave it a shot here, too. Then I began to think how much airier the room would feel if I swapped out the dark-wood furniture for lighter stuff.

I’ve contemplated doing this many times over the years, but I’ve always got hung up on having the right pieces of furniture. But since my aim was to have less in this room, anyway, I just dove right in and started swapping things around. The white desk above has been used in quite a few rooms, and the fact that it’s smaller than the dark desk helps open up the room a bit. The ‘coffee table’ is actually the bench from my kitchen table set, but it gets the job done. When I was moving it into place, I remembered that I used this same bench as a coffee table when I was in college! (I even have a photo!)

For the walls, I took down all the art in dark frames (which I’m sure can find a home at the HH) and moved in a lot of what I had hanging in my bedroom. As soon as I got those on the walls, it was as though the house’s white woodwork and the curtain rods popped out. How did I not have white furniture in this room before?

There are a pair of floating shelves above the chair, but they were black. I didn’t want to remove them permanently, since there would be big holes left in the sheetrock, so I just took them down and covered them with coordinating wrapping paper. I did it exactly as you’d wrap a present, leaving the hangers on the back exposed. And they look (in my opinion) great! Super easy and super reversible, should I want them to be black again in the future.

So now I’m pretty happy with the living room. Just have to find a second (and third and fourth) wind to do this with the rest of the house…

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4 Responses to Living Room

  1. laurie says:

    looks great, I agree, lightening things up for summer makes things seem cooler, the rug ornament is my fav! ( cat) , I never thought of covering a shelf in that way, thats a great idea,

  2. Rob says:

    That really looks good. It bothers me how lazy those cats in the pictures are, but that’s my only quibble.

  3. Lisa Jensen says:

    They’re not lazy, they’re decorative! They’re cats; that’s their job.

  4. Koalisa says:

    It looks great and the cats seem quite happy with the new arrangement!

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