Mornings No. 27

There are so many zucchinis kicking around — some had to be made into a cake. I used this recipe for a zucchini – olive oil cake (with lemon glaze). I’ve made it before, and it was great then and it’s great now. I made two small bundt cakes this time, with the intention of dropping one off at my neighbors’ (they weren’t in this morning, but I’ll try again tomorrow).

I’m hoping I’ll have some photos of my new garden fence to show you soon. I spent several hours yesterday building it, and I thought I might finish today, but it was pouring rain when I woke up. Soon!

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One Response to Mornings No. 27

  1. laurie says:

    I have never made a zucchini cake with olive oil, I was always afraid it would over power but I will give a try now, I trust your tastes, ha ha, I was reading on a friends blog today about do nut creations made with just a bit of gram flour stirred and kneaded into steamed sweet potatoes and fried in oil in donut shapes, then glazed with a sugar glaze, thats my project for today, not healthy but something different for sure, the recipe is from Malaysia,

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